Detroit, MI -My TV20 Detroit, the MY TV Network affiliate in Detroit, is launching a unique twist on a free viewer Lotto game on Mon, Feb 28th. Scratch for Cash uses the station’s shows, names of show stars and on-air talent instead of numbers in the Lotto drawing. The game/contest was announced by David Bangura President and General Manager of My TV20 Detroit.

Viewers pick up free scratch off cards at local My TV20 Detroit advertiser locations, scratch off six circles to reveal a random match of shows and talent names. A Scratch for Cash Lotto machine picks 6 balls in the nightly 10 pm newscast. If the viewers cards matches that days 6 names they win $150,000 cash. There’s a different scratch card issued by My TV Detroit for each day the contest runs, so viewers have a new chance every day. The contest runs every weeknight from Feb. 28th until March 25th.

Scratch for Cash is the local version of TV Lotto a game developed by The Incentive Plus Network and Odds On Promotions. WMYD has sold the sponsorship of TV Lotto to 2 local auto dealerships and a check cashing service. The unique contest not only captures viewer’s attention but each drawing promotes all the shows on the station’s air.

The Incentive Plus Network is a division of Cross MediaWorks. Incentive Plus creates contests and promotions for over 200 TV stations nationally. Stations can trade their own airtime to work with and pay for the services of IPN.