RME To Deliver Thunderbolt(TM) I/O Connectivity for Its Pro Audio Solutions Via Sonnet's Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis

Sonnet Solution Connects to Latest iMac(R), Mac(R) mini, MacBook Air(R), and MacBook(R) Pro, Enables Outstanding Performance Using RME's Flagship HDSPe MADI FX Audio Interface

IRVINE, Calif. -- April 16, 2012 -- Sonnet today announced that RME, a developer of digital audio solutions for a broad range of broadcasting and A/V applications, has joined the list of manufacturers whose products will gain full Thunderbolt(TM) connectivity via Sonnet's Echo(TM) Express Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis for PCIe Cards. The expansion chassis enables users of computers equipped with a Thunderbolt port to connect one or two compatible PCI Express(R) adapter cards such as RME's new HDSPe MADI FX professional audio interface card. The Sonnet solution allows manufacturers to deliver full-sized desktop computer features and performance to users of the latest Apple(R) iMac(R), Mac(R) mini, MacBook Air(R), and MacBook(R) Pro models with Thunderbolt technology. RME's card marks a new milestone in the history of multichannel audio interface cards, delivering performance that has never been available before.

"The new, high-performance RME HDSPe MADI FX card has been tested and shown to be fully compatible with the Echo Express, and is a great example of how combining our compact and portable Thunderbolt expansion chassis with a leading high-performance audio card can provide audio professionals with unparalleled flexibility and mobility," said Greg LaPorte, vice president of sales and marketing at Sonnet Technologies. "The ability to handle 390 audio channels with a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac is unprecedented."

"Using Sonnet's single-slot PCIe chassis, we have been able to record 194 tracks and play back 196 tracks of audio on the iMac with our new HDSPe MADI FX card. With two additional Apple Thunderbolt displays daisy-chained to the setup, all of the channels can be displayed. These are real numbers that could not have been achieved in the past using other external transfer methods," said RME's founder Matthias Carstens. "The Echo Express now allows all Mac computers with a Thunderbolt port to add a PCIe card into the equation, and with it, more features and superior performance that couldn't be attained with previous methods. This not only marks a breakthrough for stationary studio use, but also for mobile recording using small, ultra-lightweight computers."

RME's HDSPe MADI FX is expected to ship by early summer 2012. More information on the product is available at www.rme-audio.de/en_products_hdspe_madi_fx.php.

Sonnet's Echo Express (single slot) and Echo Express Pro (dual slot) Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis for PCIe cards are expected to ship by early summer 2012. More information on Sonnet and its products is available at www.sonnettech.com.

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About RME

RME is a German team of developers with a robust vision of creating innovative, user friendly, and high-quality digital audio solutions for less money. Founded in 1996, RME quickly earned its stripes as a premiere industry provider, expanding rapidly into mainstream international markets. Each developer on the RME team is either a musician or sound engineer, besides being a specialist in hardware and software development. Additionally, to give their designs a persistent competitive edge in today's market, RME developers regularly network with other industry specialists to exchange knowledge and information -- truly designing a line of products with superior quality and affordable, mass-market appeal. For more information, visit www.rme-audio.com.

About Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Technologies Inc. is a leader in providing storage systems, media readers, and Thunderbolt(TM) technology PCIe expansion products for professional users of Macintosh(R), Windows(R), and UNIX(R) systems in the film, video, and broadcast industries. The company's product line features a range of high-performance, cost-effective, and reliable desktop and rackmount RAID storage solutions ranging from two- and four-drive portable units, to eight- and 16-drive desktop attached storage with advanced RAID controllers, to 16-drive, 16-port, 8Gb Fibre Channel shared storage systems that are expandable to 384TB. Celebrating 25 years in business, Sonnet has pioneered and brought to market numerous innovative solutions that enhance the performance and connectivity of Macintosh, Windows, and other industry-standard computers. More information is available at www.sonnettech.com.

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