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Algolith Continues Rapid Expansion of Algogear Product Line

New Downconverter and Line Delay Solutions to Launch at IBC 2008

Montreal, Canada, September 12, 2008— Algolith Inc., a leading provider of advanced image processing solutions, has further expanded its Algogear™ series with the introduction of new Downconversion and Line Delay solutions at the 2008 IBC Show in the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, September 12 to 16 in Hall 12P, Stand A11. The new Downconversion and Line Delay solutions bring even more functionality, flexibility and choices to the repurposable Algogear platform to address the evolving needs of broadcast, cable, IPTV and satellite providers.

The quickly evolving Algogear series now includes Downconversion and Line Delay solutions, in addition to the existing Noise Reduction, Upconversion and Frame Synchronization solutions, making this the most cost effective flexible, modular and future proof offering on the market today.

Feature-Rich HD to SD Downconversion

The Algogear XVC-1001-DC Downconverter provides high quality conversion from HD to SD video formats. It supports embedded audio (16 channels, 4 groups), closed caption (CC) and time code information. The XVC-1001-DC-BF provides additional background fill capabilities, allowing unused portions of the image introduced by downconversion to be filled with video or graphics. The XVC-1001-DC and XVC-1001-DC-BF feature Algolith’s market-proven IP technology for de-interlacing, cadence correction and content adaptive scaling.

Flexible and Innovative SD/HD Line Delay

The Algogear VLD-1002-MD Video Line Delay is designed to delay applications in both SD and HD on up to two channels. Delay programming can be added in time units (sec.) or video units (pixels, lines or frames). In a 2 channel configuration, the VLD-1002-MD provides up to 5 seconds of delay in HD and 30 seconds in SD with the optional 2 GB* SODIMM (Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module). The delay can be doubled in a 1 channel configuration. The VLD-1002-MD will automatically delay embedded audio (16 channels, 4 groups) to compensate for the video delay. Ancillary data, closed caption and time code information are also delayed according to video.

“Algolith has a unique architecture that allows us to rapidly deliver new solutions that leverage the power of the Algogear platform.” Jacques Patry, director of technology development at Algolith Inc. “We are excited to introduce the new Downconversion and Line Delay solutions to join our current offerings, allowing us to further expand our portfolio of high value and versatile Broadcast integration solutions.”

Algogear: One Price, One Platform, More Choices

Algogear is a flexible, future-proof, modular solution that can maximize bandwidth, clean, synchronize and scale media. With the One Price, One Platform, More Choices program, Algogear now delivers unparalleled value and flexibility to broadcasters leveraging the Algogear solution. The program lowers the cost of all Algogear applications to one simple price and gives you the ground-breaking ability to reprogram your card with any of the available Algogear solutions at any time, at no cost to you. When you purchase an FPGA-based Algogear card, Algolith is delivering the capability to repurpose the card with any of the available Algogear solutions, simplifying your choices, and giving you the flexibility to reconfigure complex solutions as your requirements change.

“Our Algogear solutions not only allow broadcasters more choice, flexibility and modularity, they allow broadcasters to lower costs, purchase less equipment, and future proof the systems they are buying today,” said Yvan Ouellet president and CEO of Algolith Inc. “Our focus is on delivering technology which helps broadcasters do more with less.”

Availability and Additional Information

The Algogear Downconversion and Line Delay applications will be available in Q4 of 2008. To pre-order call 1.877.ALGOLITH or email For more information on the complete Algogear series, visit

* The Algogear platform is equipped with 256 MB of memory. 2 GB of additional memory is available for the VLD-1002-MD.

About Algolith Inc.

Algolith Inc., based in Montréal (Québec, Canada) is a privately held company founded in 2003 as a spin-off of Miranda Technologies. Algolith has developed the industry’s most advanced video processing algorithms, leveraging over 50 man-years of R&D and IP development. The company has built its reputation around delivering its patented core Intellectual Property (IP), an unparalleled portfolio of technology which significantly improves image quality in all formats.

Algolith solutions include a series of FPGA-based image processing and enhancement cards designed to meet the exacting needs of broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV providers; as well as specialized IP solutions which can be used for FPGA or ASIC implementations by OEM and IP licensees.

Algolith’s IP technology is behind some of the industry’s leading video processing solutions and is recognized worldwide as “best-in-class”. Since its inception, Algolith’s mission has been to provide the best value in advanced image processing so you can maximize bandwidth, clean, synchronize and scale media, with a future proof, modular platform. For more information, visit



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