Electrorack Launches Enclosure Industry‘s Premier Portal With Creation of New Website

Contact: Todd Schneider

Electrorack, Inc.

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Anaheim, CA - February 2, 2008 -- In collaboration with its most innovative clientele in the broadcast and broadband, datacenter/IT, industrial, and military markets, Electrorack has developed the industry‘s premier portal at www.electrorack.com, and created yet another avenue for its clients to access their complete line of racks, enclosures, power and peripherals.

“With the launch of our new website, we are now giving our clients secure, direct access to Electrorack‘s in-house manufacturing center. By providing immediate access to our entire product line, including all of our accessories, Electrorack has equipped its clients with the ability to completely outfit their spaces, all with the click of a mouse,” said Todd Schneider, Director of Marketing. “Rather than having to pick up the phone to initiate the ordering process, they can now initiate, configure, and complete an order to their exact specifications, at any time, from anywhere in the country, and with full SSL encryption.”

The new website features technical specifications, documentation, photographs, and applicable accessories for every type of enclosure Electrorack offers. This gives the client complete confidence that the orders they are placing are exactly what they need - when they need it. Customers can customize their enclosures with online configuration tools, add accessories, save it, e-mail it to a colleague, and order it directly online. They can also access their orders at a later date. And, in keeping with Electrorack‘s customer-centric focus, the technical support team stands ready to answer any questions or assist in the process should the need arise.

The website was written with a user-friendly focus, providing real-world examples of the applications, along with the technical specifications engineers require to make informed purchasing decisions. And the ordering process is simple and straightforward. An entire room full of enclosures, cable management, power, accessories, and other hardware can be ordered in a matter of minutes.

“We consulted with our top clients, which include many Fortune 500™ companies, in designing a site that is instantly accessible, easily navigated, and is powerful enough to allow for the nearly-unlimited configurations Electrorack offers,” said Todd. “With the range of industries we service, the challenge was to make the site commensurate with our vast product line, while keeping the site user-friendly. We accomplished that, and more. And, since we continually update the site, our clients can utilize it as a resource to get the information they need about our products in real-time.”

About Electrorack

Electrorack designs, manufactures, and delivers ready-to-install enclosures for virtually every industry. The designs incorporate cabling, power, and cooling considerations, and the scalable, custom solutions result in significant time and cost savings for clients. And because Electrorack enjoys true ownership over every process - from initial design to final deployment - quality and customer service are unparalleled in the industry. Visit www.electrorack.com.