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ENVY Post Standardizes on ScheduALL for Comprehensive and Integrated Project Booking and Resource Allocation

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Aug. 12, 2008 — ENVY Post, one of the U.K.'s top post-production facilities and winner of the 2008 EMAP Broadcast Award for "Best Post Production House," has standardized its project booking and resource allocation processes on the ScheduALL enterprise resource management system. ScheduALL enables ENVY to track and manage all video content and associated business data throughout the facility for smoother, more efficient project management and billing.

"When we launched ENVY Post, we wanted to start off on the right foot with an advanced booking and scheduling management system, and my previous experience with ScheduALL led me to recommend it strongly over any other solution," said Jamie Bean, senior engineer at ENVY Post. "ScheduALL's ability to provide a high-level view of all projects and their associated resources, data, and billing information has made the system a critical element in our success."

In the months leading up to the ScheduALL implementation, ENVY managed bookings and billing by using isolated manual methods. As the business took off, the transition to ScheduALL and its interface with an accounting system enabled ENVY to manage its rapid growth by providing an unbroken stream of automation for all bookings and financial data. This change dramatically reduced the error potential and duplication of effort found in the old manual system.

"ScheduALL makes our lives a lot easier by saving time, helping our producers to be more productive, and giving us the intelligence we need to make informed decisions for future resource allocations," said Bean. "This has been especially important as we've expanded to two locations, with a third opening soon."

At ENVY Post, ScheduALL provides a single, unified interface that producers and librarians use to track the movement of video content throughout the operation and see real-time information, such as project scope, hours budgeted, and actual hours incurred, within the work order. At any given point in the workflow, producers can view the status of the project and its location in the facility, including the editing room in use and the editors working on the project. The system also provides a quick view of all editing rooms to show which are in use, open, and booked for certain dates. Through integration with QuickBooks, ScheduALL makes it easy for ENVY to import project time and expense data, based on each client's agreed-upon rate, directly into the accounting package to facilitate invoicing.

"ScheduALL was specifically designed to meet the needs of companies, like ENVY Post, that are dealing with rapid growth and an explosion of information that needs to be accessed and managed efficiently throughout the lifecycle of a video project," said Joel Ledlow, CEO of ScheduALL. "By providing a high-level view into every aspect of a job and all metadata associated with it, ScheduALL is giving ENVY's producers and business managers alike an important tool for more profitable and effective operations."

More information about ScheduALL and its software solutions is available online at

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About ENVY Post

Founded in 2006, ENVY Post is one of the U.K.'s top post-production houses and the proud winner of the 2008 EMAP Broadcast Award for "Best Post Production House." ENVY has quickly become one of the leading post houses in the U.K. Based in London's NOHO, ENVY's Rathbone Place and Audley House (Margaret Street) facilities boast extensive HD post-production capabilities. With the opening of ENVY's third location, the company will offer a total of 84 operational areas housing Final Cut Pro®; offline AVID editing and Avid DS Nitris, Symphony Nitris DX, and Mojo DX systems; Baselight grading; Smoke editing, finishing, and 3-D effects; and audio (including Dolby®-licensed studios). More information is available at

About ScheduALL

ScheduALL is the leading provider of enterprise resource management (ERM) software for the broadcast and media industry. With almost 20 years of expertise and more than 1,200 worldwide clients within the broadcast, satellite, and production facilities, ScheduALL is clearly recognized as the partner of choice for operational management software solutions.

ScheduALL's software offers comprehensive workflow and resource management capabilities that enable clients to optimize personnel, resource, and bandwidth utilization in a way that directly translates into increased productivity and ROI. ScheduALL's modular approach and scalable product sets provide a collaborative platform for users in the broadcast, production, post-production, satellite/network transmission, and newsroom environments. ScheduALL clients include BBC, FOX News Network, The Associated Press, IntelSat, Turner Studios, Mediaset, CBC, ABC Australia, RTL, and NewSkies Satellites. More information is available at

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