GlobeCast upgrades media contribution network with Net Insights Nimbra platform

Stockholm, Sweden – Jan 18, 2010 – Net Insight has received an order from GlobeCast for an upgrade of its media contribution network in Paris.

GlobeCast, a subsidiary of France Telecom, is a leading global provider of content management and worldwide transmission services for professional broadcast delivery. The company operates a secure global satellite and fibre network to manage and transport 10 million hours of video and other rich media each year.

With the new order GlobeCast modernizes and upgrades its media contribution network in Paris with Nimbra 680 switches to meet new requirements of its customers, like rapidly increasing use of HD.

This first phase of the upgrade interconnects multiple sites in Paris with use of 10 Gbps STM-64 links. The media contribution network will handle simultaneous transport of uncompressed and compressed video (HD-SDI, SD-SDI and ASI) based on Net Insight’s Nimbra 680 and the eight-port Video Access Module, which allows for a wide variety of configurations and a mix of service content.

The Nimbra platform provides superior flexibility, efficiency and reliability for contribution of media-rich content. The Nimbra 680 is a next generation multi-service switch designed to meet the rigorous rich media and data service requirements of the carrier and service provider markets including high switching capacity, end-to-end provisioning and restoration, full topology support, unique multicast support and 100 percent quality of service guaranteed.

Equipped with the 8 x Video Access Module, it offers extensive flexibility for studio, contribution and distribution networks. Each of the module’s eight ports can be individually configured as In or Out and used for ASI as well as standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) SDI. The module delivers a cost-effective multi-purpose solution for video streams that require a mix of compressed and uncompressed HD and SD content.

The Nimbra equipment will be delivered during the first quarter 2010.