Fairlight EVO Series Consoles Evolves

Fairlight announced today the release of a range of new options for its flagship EVO series of post production consoles.

"The most significant of these changes is the addition of a music keyboard harking back to the roots of Fairlight in sound sampling over 30 years ago" explains Fairlight CTO, Tino Fibaek.

Mechanically, the EVO changes are ergonomic improvements and modifications to allow a greater degree of user installation customisation. These include:

* Chassis-less configuration, for mounting in customer's own furniture

* Variable monitor viewing angles - screens can move in a 20 degree range

* Speaker and utility shelves mounted at the rear of the console

* Multiple variations in console raking and elevation.

The mechanical changes now support a range of new electronic options including:

* A music keyboard bay accommodating either 25 or 61 notes integrated with the new Dream v4 sound design and sampling software

* An optional video sub-panel for use in applications such as metering and monitoring

* A sophisticated GPI/O system, either in-console or externally mounted.

"The combination of these new mechanical and electronic options make the Fairlight EVO series consoles the most versatile on the market" claims Fibaek.

About Fairlight

Fairlight is an Australian company with over 30 years experience in media production systems. The company designs and manufactures professional video and audio recording, editing and mixing systems offering both desktop, console and native user environments.

Fairlight has always been at the leading edge of development pioneering 3D sound and customised control surfaces. Fairlight systems are acknowledged by industry leaders as being the fastest control surfaces available and have received numerous awards over the years including two Scientific and Technical Academy Awards.

Fairlight products include the EVO mixing console, Xynergi desktop controller, Pyxis Video editor and Crystal Core FPGA accelerator.