Wohler Acquisition of RadiantGrid(TM) Paves Way for Expansion Into File-Based Media Processing and Delivery

SAN FRANCISCO -- April 16, 2012 -- Wohler Technologies today announced its acquisition of RadiantGrid Technologies, the developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation, and New Media Automation(TM) service platforms. The RadiantGrid(TM) software platform boasts built-in intelligence that automates the entire workflow for managing file-based ingest, preparation, and distribution of digital media content. Uniting Wohler's modular monitoring and processing solutions with RadiantGrid's advanced parallel processing technology, the acquisition will enable the two companies to streamline IT-centric workflows with a full range of video, audio, data, and QC solutions that support broadcasters' rapidly evolving needs.

"Our customers are increasingly making the move to more IT-centric infrastructures and looking to file-based solutions as a way to realize increased efficiency and profitability," said Carl J. Dempsey, president and CEO of Wohler Technologies. "We have assembled engineering talent to develop our own file-based solutions, and the strategic acquisition of RadiantGrid -- and the company's exceptional technology and talent -- expands and accelerates that program. By joining these resources, as well as our shared passion and creativity, we are positioned to move quickly into exciting new areas and to roll out innovative solutions that help broadcast organizations everywhere to deliver media efficiently, effectively, and economically."

While there are many solutions dedicated to tasks such as transcoding and content management, Wohler and RadiantGrid technologies have the potential to move beyond stand-alone tools and solutions, whether file-based or hardware-based. The integration of their technologies enables Wohler and RadiantGrid to provide a fully integrated solution for managing content across the value chain, from ingest to delivery and back again, while employing intelligence in media processing.

Increasing volumes of content must now be ingested and processed for delivery onto multiple devices and standards within hours, or even minutes, of acquisition. By building intelligence into their systems and processes, Wohler and RadiantGrid free up operators for other tasks while increasing the speed and efficiency with which content can be processed for delivery. Intelligent grid processing and transcoding offers scalable, faster-than-real-time processing speeds, which can be fully automated to save both time and money.

"Wohler products address management of audio, video, ancillary data, and loudness, all with an eye toward QC-ing those signals to ensure a high quality of experience for consumers," added Dempsey. "Radiant Grid offers a file-based path to achieve the same result. We view it as highly complementary to our existing range and a logical extension of Wohler's product offerings, from the baseband to the file-based domain."

"This is the most important moment in the history of RadiantGrid," said Kirk Marple, president and chief software architect of RadiantGrid Technologies. "We're proud to be a part of the Wohler Technologies family, and we look forward to finding creative integration points with Wohler's strength in managing audio, video, and data. Together, we have long-term plans for RadiantGrid feature and product development. Building on Wohler's worldwide sales and support resources, as well as the company's market leadership, we plan to follow an aggressive growth path, domestically and worldwide, and to become a dominant company in the file-based workflow space."

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About RadiantGrid Technologies

RadiantGrid Technologies is an independent software vendor that develops and markets the RadiantGrid(TM) Platform a leading-edge media workflow services platform targeting broadcast and cable operators, content owners, advertising vendors, digital cinema companies, and user-generated content portals. The RadiantGrid platform provides media transformation capabilities including grid-enabled transcoding, multiformat transcoding, multitrack assembly, standards conversion, and closed caption extraction and upconversion, in addition to metadata management, storage management, and media publishing.

For more information about RadiantGrid Technologies, visit www.radiantgrid.com.

About Wohler Technologies Inc.

Wohler offers a comprehensive and award-winning range of audio, video, data monitoring, and captioning products designed to provide the highest quality solutions for facilities of all sizes and complexity. Founded in 1987, the San Francisco Bay-area manufacturer has grown to become the dominant provider of confidence monitoring and signal management solutions for the broadcast and pro audio/video markets. Originally inventing and defining the category of in-rack audio, video, and data monitoring products, the company has expanded its offerings to include solutions for captioning and loudness. More information about Wohler and its full range of solutions is available at www.wohler.com.