IFE Services USA Chooses Jünger Audio Dynamics Processing

Dynamics processing specialist Jünger Audio has supplied three B41 SDI audio limiters to the US division of IFE Services Inc., a company that primarily provides content to the Airline Entertainment Industry.

IFE Services Inc. has a fully equipped broadcast standard television studio with filming and production facilities at its headquarters in Knutsford, UK. In 2007 the company opened its US division in Lake Forest, California, where it offers post production facilities for screening, editing and encoding audio and video content for on-board presentation via a variety of head-end in-flight entertainment systems and handheld devices. The company also designs and develops Graphics User Interfaces, as well as custom software and tool development and technical consulting.

Jim Loudon, Operations Manager for IFE Services, USA operations, says: “IFE Services’ core business is acquiring content licensing and managing its availability, ordering, processing, QC and delivery for the In-flight entertainment industry. We have one of the largest In-flight video tape duplication facilities and we provide all kinds of content including Hosted & Non-Hosted Audio (Music), "Hollywood" and International movies, Short Feature/TV content, Documentaries, and original programming.”

When IFE Services USA opened its facilities it was not initially apparent that there was a need for an SDI audio limiting device. However, when various OEM manufacturers that were taking the company’s AVOD content began to request less dynamics with no clipping, the search was on for a device that would allow IFE Services USA to fulfill this brief.

“For those who fly, the noise in the aircraft cabin can be very daunting,” Jim Loudon explains. “We have had to overcome this dynamic by increasing the “lows” and lowering the “Highs”, while adjusting the overall sound to roughly -10db for content before it reaches the limiter. We researched a variety of audio limiting equipment but found that the Jünger Audio B41 had all the features we were looking for: ease of use, programmed presets, and top support from our representative, Arnie Toshner, who has gone the extra mile by regularly checking in with us to make sure we are satisfied with our purchases.”

Jünger Audio’s B41 is a professional digital dynamics processor that is designed for studio use. It delivers exceptionally high quality audio and processes the digital audio signal without causing any coloration, pumping, breathing, distortion or modulation.

IFE Services USA bought its B41 units from Jünger Audio’s US distributor GMA, and as installed them in its audio rack for ease of adjustments. Loudon says they are working flawlessly and have proved totally reliable.

“Our technicians only have to know which preset to use for the OEM manufacturers we deliver to. Once selected, we can rely on the units to hold the line on dynamics that we need to deliver on a day to day basis,” he explains. “I especially appreciated the ease with which I could set up these units. They have a logical flow from left to right and ask all the right questions to set-up the presets. If someone deviates from the preset, the unit indicates this with an asterisk in the display, which alerts the operator that something is set non-standard. With the push of the “LOAD” button, it is quick and easy to get back to the “normal” settings.”

Despite having various Digibeta, DVCAM, and even a BVW deck routed, Jim Loudon says he and his staff have noticed no performance degradation.

“The products have proven themselves to our operation month after month,” he says. “As business grows, so will the need to conform audio to the various hardware manufacturers. We anticipate increased content and thus increased production in the near future. The sky’s the limit!”


For more information about IFE Services Inc., please visit www.ifeservices.com

About Jünger Audio

Established in Berlin in 1990, Jünger Audio specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors. It has developed a unique range of digital processors that are designed to meet the demands of the professional audio market. All of its products are easy to operate and are developed and manufactured in-house, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout. Its customers include many of the world’s top radio and TV broadcasters, IPTV providers, music recording studios and audio post production facilities.