Net Insight Introduces Intelligent SFPs to its Nimbra MSR Platform

Net Insight’s Intelligent SFP integration into existing interfaces leverages local HD-SDI loops for multi-service delivery with guaranteed QoS

LAS VEGAS, (NAB Booth #SU3919), United States - 16 April 2012, Net Insight, a leading provider of efficient and scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, today announces it will broaden its Nimbra MSR platform by adding smart form-factor pluggable transceivers (SFPs) to its existing interfaces, enabling interconnectivity with new technologies. The Intelligent SFPs provide broadcasters and media network operators with CAPEX and OPEX savings driven from its high processing capability that removes the need to invest in separate conversion equipment traditionally required in multi-service transport.

Net Insight’s introduction of Gigabit Ethernet over HD-SDI Intelligent SFP is a game changer for the way North American broadcasters and media network operators provide services over Nimbra MSR networks. Instead of renting expensive Gigabit Ethernet or SONET leased lines to provide services to the last mile, cost effective HD-SDI local loops can be used for multi-service, high QoS transport in access networks and for event networking.

Inserting Intelligent SFPs into the existing interfaces of the Nimbra MSR access or trunk modules enables access to new functionalities without any additional upgrade of any equipment or need for an external third party conversion kit. This in turn, improves interoperability with both the transport network and the surrounding technology, as it removes the need to introduce an additional vendor and monitoring system typically required for format conversion or data processing.

“The level of innovation found in today’s Intelligent SFPs is critical for providing multi-service, high QoS transport,“ said Fredrik Trägårdh, CEO of Net Insight. “We strive to provide cost-efficient solutions to our customers and that is just what we do with introducing this new and Intelligent SFP to the market.”

Intelligent SFP, a relatively new concept within the industry, differs from traditional SFPs due to its high processing capability, enabling other functionality than just O/E conversion and digital diagnostics. Intelligent SFPs will enable a multitude of interface options that extends the usability of MSRs to both new services and to a larger range of transport options.

This Intelligent SFP is developed together with the technology partner, Embrionix, a company which creates, designs and markets broadcast coaxial transport SFP that enable video (SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI) for broadband video and cable TV applications. This technology partnership will further enable Net Insight to continue to introduce new SFP technology interfaces to the Nimbra MSR platform.

About Net Insight

Net Insight delivers the world’s most efficient and scalable transport solution for Broadcast and IP Media, Digital Terrestrial TV, Mobile TV and IPTV/CATV networks.

Net Insight products truly deliver 100 percent Quality of Service with three times improvement in utilization of bandwidth for a converged transport infrastructure. Net Insight’s Nimbra™ platform is the industry solution for video, voice and data, reducing operational costs by 50 percent and enhancing competitiveness in delivery of existing and new media services.

More than 150 world class customers run mission critical video services over Net Insight products in over 50 countries. Net Insight is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm. For more information, visit

About Embrinox

Embrionix provides a new approach in the product interface market for broadcast manufacturers. Embrionix designs and builds innovative, advanced SFPs to close the gap between fiber optic deployments, coaxial deployments, and emerging technology deployments, such as HDMI, composite video, Ethernet, etc... By leveraging its core competencies in video broadcast, the company provides SFP modules (emSFPTM) with the highest level of flexibility to major broadcasters in the industry. The company is based in Laval, Canada, and has global design, research and development, and sales offices located in Canada, California, United Kingdom and Japan.

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