Kansas City connection to Las Vegas convention center

The Las Vegas Convention Center is undergoing (another) renovation, which will impact next year’s NAB convention. Stand by for construction signs, dust, noise and logistical problems.

What’s interesting from this editor’s viewpoint is that the company in charge of the electrical, mechanical, plumbing for the upcoming LVCC renovation is based in Broadcast Engineering’s home base, Kansas City.

The firm of Henderson Engineers will serve as the Engineer of Record for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing portion for the project. The $890 million LVCC renovation and expansion project is part of a five year plan.

The renovation of LVCC’s three million square foot facility will take two years, ending in 2010. The project includes: building a grand lobby along the length of the South Hall, a grand concourse to tie together the center’s three major halls, a signature façade along the front of the building and an enclosed monorail connector. Did I mention the project will add another one-half million square feet of exhibition space and a new 100,000sq-ft ballroom?

And I thought it was a long way from the North Hall to the South Hall.