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Implementation of Video-Documentation-System (VDS) for German Federal Press Office with BOSS STREAM Recorder®

The German Federal Press Office deploys the Dimetis BOSS STREAM Recorder® for the documentation of regular news, political magazines and other current politically relevant television programs.

By integrating the recording system BOSS STREAM Recorder® for transport streams (DVB ASI/IP) into existing media technology, easy and quick application via an intuitive GUI is possible even by non-experts. It allows a definition of the recording period to the nearest second with a permanent error analysis of signals.

Broadcast signals can be recorded continuously and retrieved on demand as ASI/IP stream, data or DVD. ETSI TR 101 290-Analysis and MHP Carousel-Decoding are available as an option. Additional functions like saving the recorded streams as a file, export them to DVD or the transcoding to H.264 or WMV formats are only a mouse click away. Disk space (currently 40 terabyte/30 days) and range of application are fully scalable.

The BOSS STREAM Recorder® allows playback of MPTS (multi-program transport stream) or SPTS (single-program transport stream). The recorded audio and video signals can be retrieved from any registered client via a local IP player.

About Federal Press Office – The German Federal Press Office is the information hub between citizens, media and federal government – obliged and active to all sides. The office therefore fulfils two essential tasks: providing information about the work of the federal government (directed outwards) and internal instruction for the work of the federal government (directed inwards).

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About Dimetis GmbH – Dimetis GmbH, headquartered in Dietzenbach is a leading provider of software products offering broadcast OSS product solutions based on international standards. The Dimetis products, solutions and services are in daily use with most of the world´s largest broadcasters, telcos and service providers. Part of the extensive customer base is e.g. ARD, ZDF, Deutsche Telekom, HanseNet Germany, ORF+ORS Austria, SRG SSR Media Services, A1 Telekom Austria, RAS Italy, Globecast France und APS / SES-ASTRA.

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