Calibre enters LED image processing market

Reflecting the growing market need for high-quality, flexible and low latency LED image processing at a lower price point, Calibre is proud to present the new LEDView400 HQV scaler-switcher.

Harnessing the power of the Reon video processor from IDT, the LEDView400 runs state-of-the-art HQV algorithms with expertly designed hardware and firmware from Calibre, bringing excellent image quality to LED screens in a wide range of applications from sports and corporate AV to digital signage and more.

Capable of performing the roles of routing switcher and universal interface in a single, compact 1U box, the LEDView400 can connect HD-SDI, DVI, HDMI, Composite, S-Video, Component and SVGA video sources. Its powerful algorithms will remove picture noise from poor-quality SD video sources, while superior de-interlacing reduces image flicker and artefacts. A simple edge drag-and-drop capability offers picture re-sizing to fit the connected LED screen in an instant.

Tim Brooksbank, Chairman, Calibre UK comments: “The cost of high-quality LED walls has come down substantially in recent years, making them much more widespread in everyday applications, both indoors and outdoors. But unlike the broadcast industry where it is more common to have full control over every link in the video chain, in commercial and corporate applications it is often necessary to deal with source material of very variable quality.

“Our LEDView400 processor and its stablemate, the LEDView510, address this problem by allowing integrators and rental companies to construct LED walls and connect them to almost any source in the knowledge that any flaws in the original material will not be magnified for the whole audience to see.”