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Award-Winning New RTS Keypanel is the Star of the Show at IBC 2007

Amsterdam, The Netherlands The all-new KP 32 CLD Color Display Keypanel by RTS Digital Matrix Intercom was the surprise hit of IBC 2007. RTS kept this revolutionary device such a closely-guarded secret that even competitors were surprised.

RTS was even presented with the prestigious Star Award for Superior Technology for the KP 32 CLD.

“We are very proud to be a recipient of the 2007 Star Award for Superior Technology.” Said Christian Latzelsberger, Product Manager for RTS Intercoms Worldwide. “This seal of approval is a great start to what is sure to be an exciting time in intercom technology.“

It is an exciting time indeed because the KP 32 CLD is the flagship of an entirely new generation of RTS keypanels.

“The KP 32 CLD is just the beginning.” Said Christian. “In the near future we will usher in a new generation of intercom communication with an entire series of CLD keypanels. This will change everything.”

Inspired directly by user feedback, the KP 32 CLD sports advanced features that take flexibility and ease-of-use to the next level. The KP 32 CLD features a revolutionary customizable graphic user interface that spans two integrated 4.9”, full-color LCD displays. The KP 32 CLD’s advanced functionality is wrapped in a sleek, ergonomic design with a flat front panel that fits flush within a rack-mount configuration.

Perhaps most striking about the KP 32 CLD is its dual full-color LCD screens which display an all-new advanced graphic interface. The KP 32 CLD is the first intercom keypanel in the world to have a color interface, which benefits the customer by color-coding information.

“We overhauled not only the technology, but the design of the keypanel as well.“ Christian said. “We wanted a look that kept pace with today’s consumer electronics, while maintaining the high level of functionality that professionals demand.“

Other design enhancements include a blue illuminated keypad, exposed speaker grill, shallow depth, and an overall refined aesthetic.

“The KP 32 CLD is a departure from the industrial, utilitarian design that is usually associated with intercom equipment.”

The LCD displays are not only attractive, but highly functional as well. The GUI they host is designed to be as intuitive as possible, even when performing advanced operations.

“The interface is so simple, anyone could sit down and start using it with minimal training.” Christian continued. “Many functions that used to require cycling through menus are now just right there in front of you; accessible with a single touch.“

Future-proof is a bold claim in the technology industry, but the KP 32 CLD is designed to adapt to changing standards which will allow it to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry for years to come. The back panel is modular by design for easy installation of expansion panels. In addition, the front panel features a USB port, which simplifies interfacing and provides another opportunity for future expansion. All these points for expansion are meant to maximize customers’ return on investment.

“A consistent theme in RTS product design is adaptability.” Christian comments. “If you buy a RTS keypanel for example, and later want to upgrade to a new connectivity standard like VoIP, you simply install an option kit in your existing keypanel and you’re up & running. That’s adaptability, and the KP 32 CLD is no exception.“

Features of the New KP 32 CLD

Full-Color LCD Displays

The new color displays host a rich and intuitive graphic user interface that allows to indicate different keypanel functions in different colors.

Modern, Modular Design

Flat front panel is ergonomically designed to fit easily into any control room or truck application. The back panel is optimized for future expansion.

Multi-Directional Keys

32, multi-directional keys used for talk, listen, and emulation of traditional level control function.

Future Expansion

Designed to allow for an expansion panel and optional connections to the matrix through current and future standard transmission formats.

Enhanced Features

KP 32 CLD allows up to six auxiliary inputs, three relays, independent digital gain control for microphone sources, configurable audio routing and much more through an option board.

DSP Processing

Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Equalization, Mixing, Filtering, and Metering


For future expansion and other planned interface features.

User-Programmable Buttons

Two user-programmable buttons (UPG-1, -2) provide custom shortcuts to menu functions.

For more information, visit the RTS Intercom website: