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PALO ALTO, C.A. – The learning curve is steep at the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, but MultiDyne, a premier provider of fiber optic, video and audio transport and routing solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications, is giving students a major edge. The newly opened state-of-the-art medical education facility records every lecture or demonstration in the building, quickly routing the audio and video to students and instructors via a fiber optic distribution system comprised of MultiDyne’s DVI-ONE and HD-1500 fiber optic transport links, along with EOS-4000 fiber optic switcher.

Opened this fall, the Li Ka Shing Center offers a variety of educational spaces, from lecture and seminar rooms to a conference center. At its heart, however, is the ground floor’s cutting-edge medical simulation center, which immerses students in the real-life medical scenarios they will encounter as practicing physicians. As with most areas of the building, the simulation center’s mock operating room, post-op area and clinic exam rooms are outfitted with cameras and microphones to record or broadcast live student performances. The MultiDyne fiber optic distribution system transports the signals to the central capture system, live streaming applications, or to any other part of the building where people want to view them.

“The Li Ka Shing Center has a very extensive custom High Definition capture system; it records, transcodes and posts every class, demonstration or lecture in the building, so that students and faculty can access these materials the same day they are created,” says Stephen Shea, senior associate at Shen, Milsom and Wilke, the communications technology and acoustic consulting firm that provided the A/V design for the Li Ka Shing Center. “Stanford needed a solution that would move multiple audio and HD video signals from individual classrooms and the simulation center to the centralized encoders, production control room or any other part of the building. MultiDyne’s EOS-4000 was the most cost-effective, large-scale fiber optic switch for the project’s needs, so it became the staple of the transport network. Since then, it has performed very well. It’s one of those things where we don’t hear a lot about it because it’s working great.”

MultiDyne’s HD–1500 serial digital video fiber optic transport link offers an economical solution for distribution of virtually any digital signal from 5 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps, with supported standards including SMPTE 292M 1.485 Gbps, SMPTE 259M with operation from 143Mbps – 360Mbps, SMPTE 310M 19.4Mbps, M2S or DVB–ASI 270Mbps, SMPTE 344M 540Mbps and SMPTE 305M SDTi rates. The DVI-One is a WUXGA fiber optic transport link capable of carrying signals up to 3,000 feet over one multimode fiber, while the EOS-4000 is capable of switching digital optical signals of up to 4.25Gbps via SFP and up to 10 Gbps via XFP. The EOS-4000 can be configured to handle both multimode and single-mode fiber, this unique design allows the optical switch to handle 16 x 16 up to a total of 288 x 288 optical signal feeds.

Frank Jachetta, Managing Director, MultiDyne, states, “We’re thrilled that Stanford University School of Medicine’s Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, undoubtedly one of the world’s most advanced destinations for medical education and training, has put its faith in MultiDyne’s fiber optic transport solutions. It speaks to our reputation in the marketplace for creating solutions that not only keep up with current digital technology trends, but are scalable enough to support future trends as well.”

About MultiDyne:

For more than 30 years, MultiDyne has been a leading provider of innovative and outstanding video and fiber optic-based transport and routing systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, pro A/V, corporate, retail, surveillance, teleconferencing, judicial arraignment, transportation, government, military, and healthcare markets. MultiDyne’s fiber optic transport and routing systems for video, SDI, 3G HD, DVB/ASI, VGA, DVI, HDMI, audio, AES, Ethernet, data, CATV, as well as the company’s other broadcast accessories are used worldwide by such industry leaders as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, RAI, BBC and the Department of Transportation. MultiDyne provides a seven-year warranty on its core product line. For more information, call MultiDyne at 1-877-MULTIDYNE or 1-516-671-7278, visit the company’s Web site at, or send an e-mail to