THE WASHINGTON D.C. CONVENTION CENTER, BOOTH # 106, DECEMBER 2-3 – Ikegami, manufacturer of broadcast-grade HDTV cameras and production equipment that meet the stringent demands of public-sector video professionals, will exhibit a broad array of its leading-edge products at the 2009 Government Video Expo (“GV Expo”), at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Washington DC. Ikegami’s booth will include the latest advancements in its acclaimed tapeless GFCAM™ HDS-V10 Flash-RAM camcorder, native multi-format HD CMOS HDK-79EC camera system, economical new dual-format HDK-77EC HD CMOS camera, and many other products.

“The term HDTV encompasses many different formats today, any one of which might be the video production and/or display standard of choice used by the broad spectrum of government video professionals,” states Alan Keil, VP and Director of Engineering for Ikegami. “In response to this trend, Ikegami offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive product lines to satisfy the mission-critical needs of this most vital market. Bringing to bear such leading-edge technologies as mega-pixel CMOS imaging sensors, 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M) capture and display capabilities, state-of-the-art purpose-built ASIC’s, and the latest advances in LCD monitoring, Ikegami continues its commitment to the needs of moving-image content creators in the public sector.”

Ikegami’s Tapeless GFCAM™

A pioneer in tapeless camcorders since 1995, Ikegami’s latest and most advanced products in this area is its GF™ Series tapeless HD ENG system. Chief among these is the GFCAM™ HDS-V10 Flash-RAM camcorder, an advanced yet affordable three-CCD ENG camera featuring 1080i/720p HDTV format support, and advanced features such as “Pakless” recording while exchanging media packs, Proxy generation, and Bluetooth for instant export of thumbnail clips directly to laptops for fast logging, metadata insertion, and other workflow advantages.

The tapeless Ikegami GFCAM™ HDS-V10 employs GFPAK™ media, a removable Flash-RAM pack with up to 64GB capacity and a convenient USB port for instant access to file-based video from laptop or desktop editing systems. Users can also choose Ikegami’s new CF Adaptor, which can be loaded with off-the-shelf CompactFlash Type I media for “plug-and-play” compatibility with the GFCAM slot.

As with all components in Ikegami’s tapeless GF™ Series product line, the GFCAM™ HDS-V10 Flash-RAM camcorder employs MPEG-2 compression and the MXF file format for an open-codec HD/SD recording architecture, providing compatibility with a variety of editing systems. Ikegami’s GF™ Series production solution leverages the increasing integration of IT networking in the broadcast and professional video production industry and delivers unprecedented file-based HD workflow efficiencies extending from digital video capture, to non-linear editing, to final content delivery. All video and metadata recorded with GFCAM™ has direct compatibility to all major Avid Technology nonlinear edit systems via Avid’s new AMA (Avid Media Access) plug-in architecture for optimum production-workflow efficiencies. Full information on the tapeless GFCAM™ HDS-V10 will be available from product experts on hand at Ikegami’s exhibit at GV Expo 2009.

Affordable Native Dual-Format HD CMOS Studio/Field Camera

Given the popularity of 1080i and 720p as HD formats, Ikegami has introduced its new HDK-77EC native multi-format HD CMOS portable field camera as a cost-effective solution to meet the demands of an increasingly varied HD market. The HDK-77EC is an economical docking-style portable multi-format HD camera with CMOS imaging sensors for 1080i/720p HD format flexibility, lower power consumption, and reduced operating temperature. An added innovation is Ikegami’s CCU-890M camera control unit, which provides built-in fiber or triax connectivity for the HDK-77EC for convenient, lightweight, mobile flexibility. Users can choose the type of camera cable with a simple switch at the CCU, combined with mounting the docking FA Fiber Adapter or TA Triax Adapter to the camera head.

1080/60p CMOS HD Studio and Field Camera

With HD production formats proliferating, Ikegami is addressing the needs of an even wider array of government video professionals with its revolutionary HDK-79EC camera system. The HDK-79EC fully exploits the latest advances in CMOS imaging-sensor technology to deliver native multi-format HD production performance. Configurable for either portable use or as a “hard” field/studio camera, the HDK-79EC employs three 2/3-inch, 2.5 mega-pixel 1920 by 1080 CMOS-imaging sensors, which are switchable between native interlace- and progressive-readout modes. This enables the HDK-79EC to deliver multiple HD formats, including 1080/60i, 1080/24p, and 720/60p (as well as optional 50Hz HD formats 1080/50i and 720/50p).

The HDK-79EC is also available in a dual-processor version, designated the HDK-79EC/HS. This model provides high-speed sensor readout of 1080/120i and 720/120p for super slow motion video capture, and high-speed readout of 1080/60p, considered by many industry experts as the next significant step forward in HDTV because it combines the clarity of progressive scanning with the high resolution of 1920 by 1080 samples per frame. The HDK-79EC/HS offers the flexibility to operate at standard speed, supporting all of the formats of the standard HDK-79EC.

Multi-Format CMOS HD POV Camera

Government video professionals will also witness how Ikegami has leveraged the advantages of CMOS imaging in a “POV” camera configuration, in the form of the HDL-51 one-piece full-digital native multi-format HD “box” camera. Part of Ikegami’s HDL-50 series of POV cameras designed for capturing superb broadcast-quality HD from unmanned and/or inaccessible locations, the HDL-51 employs three newly developed 2.5 Mega-pixel CMOS sensors for native multi-format HD operation, including 1080/60i, 1080/24p, and 720/60p video directly from the camera head. A motorized remote-controllable ND filter wheel and electric color-correction filter enables the HDL-51 to operate in a wide range of lighting conditions perfect for homeland security applications. An HS version of this model is available, providing 1080/60p from a compact POV camera.

HD Video Monitoring With Space-Saving LCD Technology

With today’s video-acquisition choices including such cameras as Ikegami’s HDK-79EC/HS 1080/60p dual-processor super slow-motion/standard-speed HD model, Ikegami has correspondingly advanced full-HD-pixel multi-format LCD monitoring to the next level with its model HLM-3250W. This 32-inch, 16:9, 1920 by 1080-pixel space-saving flat-panel monitor features an optional 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M) input module for display of 1080/60p HD video images of stunning clarity.

Also on display at Ikegami’s GV Expo 2009 booth will be the 16:9 HLM-2450W 24-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD monitor. Both it and the HLM-3250W monitor feature two-channel HD-SDI and two-channel analog composite video inputs as well as an optional 3G-SDI input module for display of 1080/60p HD. Both monitors also feature: waveform, vector, and vertical-interval time code (VITC) display, a wide critical-viewing angle of 178 degrees (horizontal and vertical), and a user-marker function. The contrast ratios of the HLM-3250W and HLM-2450W are 1300:1 and 800:1, respectively.

For HD monitoring in confined spaces such as trucks, vans, and small edit rooms, Ikegami will also show the HLM-920 9-inch WVGA HD/SD 16:9 multi-format color LCD monitor sized for dual-rack-mounting configurations. The HLM-920WP version is suitable for field use with either DC input or battery operation. Both versions of the monitor provide two-channel HD-SDI inputs, two-channel analog composite video inputs, waveform and VITC display, and a wide critical-viewing angle of 170 degrees.

See all of Ikegami’s HD production products for government video professionals in exhibit # 106 of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Washington, D.C., from December 2-3 during GV Expo 2009.

For more information and the location of the Regional Office nearest you, call Ikegami’s Maywood NJ headquarters at 201-368-9171 or visit www.Ikegami.com.

Ikegami Electronics (U.S.A.), Inc. is a leading supplier of professional broadcasting products in the Western Hemisphere. With U.S. offices in New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, and Illinois, the Ikegami name is recognized worldwide for its state-of-the-art television cameras and closed-circuit TV equipment. Ikegami’s universal High Definition TV cameras have been widely accepted by the broadcast industry as it continues the transition to the High Definition Television Format.

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