Aspera Unveils New Aspera Shares Web Application at NAB

Aspera Inc., creator of next-generation technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed, is introducing Aspera Shares, a breakthrough new web application that provides a simple and intuitive way for companies to share content in the form of files and directories, of any size, within their organization or with external customers and partners.

The latest addition to the growing portfolio of Aspera high-performance software products, Aspera Shares is an easy-to-use web application that can be accessed from a standard web browser and provides secure access to a consolidated view of all available data content residing on multiple server nodes, across diverse infrastructures. With the underlying Aspera fasp™ transport at its core, Aspera Shares delivers unmatched performance and includes all the exceptional transfer and management capabilities of the industry-standard Enterprise Server.

“Our software engineering team has been working hard on providing our customers with a new intuitive way to share file-based content on a very large scale and we are proud to unveil this new solution at NAB 2012,” said Michelle Munson, Aspera president and co-founder. “Aspera Shares enables global content ingest and publishing, with an interface designed for ease of use, a powerful security and access model easily administered through a single management interface, and flexible deployment options that support all of today’s on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructure paradigms.”

With Aspera Shares companies have complete flexibility in where their most important digital content is placed. Whether stored in an existing data center, a remote office, or public cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Aspera Shares gives users a consolidated view of all files, folders and directories and provides seamless access across all the nodes, hiding the physical location from the end user. In addition, companies can move the content location to a different storage, for example from a legacy data center to AWS S3, and simply redirect Aspera Shares to the new location so that end users can continue to contribute or access the content with no changes to their underlying workflow.

The interface for Aspera Shares was designed with the end user in mind. Navigation across files and folders is very intuitive, initiation of high-speed uploads and downloads is simple and powerful built-in search capabilities make locating the data a breeze. Basic operations can be performed on a single file or folder, or on a collection of files and folders that are part of a search result, and all actions are logged and viewable in the activity feed.

Aspera Shares also features a powerful security and access model. The administrator role has complete control over access, such as which shares, directories and files are visible or accessible by users. Access control is extremely flexible and granular over all end-user operations such as file browsing, uploading, downloading, adding or removing directories, renaming or deleting files. All authorization, user management, and access control is administered through a single management point.

Designed for extreme flexibility and scalability, Aspera Shares can be deployed as a single server solution, or as a separate web application, consolidating multiple content nodes into a single view, seamlessly managing user access and file transfers across all of the nodes.

Aspera Shares is available today in version 1.0 for both on-premise deployments and in the cloud with Aspera On Demand, as part of a usage based subscription service, please visit or contact for your personal demonstration.