Fluorescent fixtures for Studio & Video Conferencing from Videssence

Videssence shows off their innovative fluorescent lighting for television, HDTV, studio, ENG, mobile media, corporate video conferencing and distance learning. We proudly design and manufacture in the United States and produce a variety of energy efficient, fixed and portable lighting fixtures that can be purchased individually or packaged as part of a full lighting 'system'.

Our Power Key Series fixtures provide the most powerful beam of controlled fluorescent light in the industry. They produce 71% more light from the 55 watt Biax lamps than other similar products on the market and are the only fluorescent fixtures with an adjustable beam. The precisely engineered reflector focuses the light where it is needed, eliminating the need for additional accessories to capture and focus the intensity of the beam.

In addition to our high performing studio fixtures, we have an entire line of products for broadcasting from office and educational settings requiring architectural style fixtures. Our "Soft" line of recessed luminaires are designed for comfortable, effective Video Conference lighting and distance learning. We also have lighting for individuals webcasting or broadcasting from their personal computer. Our new ViewMe lights offer comfortable, indirect lighting at your computer station.

Please visit www.videssence.tv for more information.