Gepco® International New Fiber and Copper Products Go the Distance at NAB 2011

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, APRIL 11, 2011 — Gepco International (NAB Booth C9049), an industry-leading brand in professional audio and video interconnect products, is pleased to debut several new fiber and copper products that go the distance at the NAB Show April 11-14, 2011. Continuing its venture into active products, Gepco will launch its new V-Light™ Active Fiber Cable System, while also introducing the expanded Gepco® Powered by MultiDyne® line of fiber optic transport products, with four new additions including the LiGHTBoX™ Weather-Tight Portable Fiber Field Acquisition System. In addition, Gepco will also present three new Gepco® Brand High-Definition SDI Coax Cables for various HDTV applications.

Designed with easy-to-use copper connections, the V-Light™ Active Fiber Cable System offers the exceptional transmission distance of fiber without the hassle of keeping fiber optic connections clean. Based on the popular Gepco® Brand V-CON connector system, V-Light offers a convenient, reliable and durable interface for high-speed serial digital video transmission over single-mode fiber with data transfer rates up to 1.485 Gbps. Inside each weather-tight V-Light connector shell, the fiber is sealed and isolated, while the electrical signal is converted to an optical one (or vice versa). Custom-length V-Light active fiber cables are available in two- or four-path versions with either uni-directional or bi-directional signal transmission. Combined with the V-Light panels, which come with two, three or four panel-mount connectors, they provide a unique and innovative solution.

Strengthening its partnership with MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems, a premier provider of fiber optic-based video and audio transport solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications, Gepco has expanded its line of fiber optic transport products made by MultiDyne called Gepco® Powered by MultiDyne® with the addition of four new products. Products in the line are designed to convert an electrical signal to an optical one, allowing for much longer transmission distances, lower total weight of cabling and significant cost savings. Included in the new offerings are the GP-2000, a receiver and transmitter with fiber transport for video, six-channel audio and two-channel data; the GP-2500, a transceiver with fiber transport for two-way video, two-way eight-channel audio and duplex two-channel data; the GP-GE1000, a transceiver with fiber transport for Ethernet data; and finally, the GP-LB1400 LiGHTBoX™, a weather-tight portable fiber field acquisition system with multiple fiber transport solutions within one rugged case. To celebrate the expanded connection between them, Gepco (NAB Booth C9049) and MultiDyne (NAB Booth C6537) will link their two booths at the NAB Show via fiber utilizing products in the Gepco® Powered by MultiDyne® line.

Certified to a 4.5 GHz bandwidth for HDTV transmission, three new Gepco® Brand video cables include the extended-distance VHD1300 coax, the flexible, RG 11 Type VHD1100F coax, and the miniature plenum VDM230TS coax. With its precision-drawn 13-gauge solid conductor and low attenuation, the VHD1300 is an excellent choice for extended-distance, point-to-point interconnect, while the precision 14-gauge stranded center conductor and pliable TPE jacket of the VHD1100F provide flexibility, making it ideal for remote applications. Offering exceptionally low attenuation for its type while maintaining a reduced size and weight, the VDM230TS features a 23-gauge, pure-copper center conductor and is ideal for permanent installation in applications where high-density cable volume is being used and space is limited.

“The broadcast market is continually looking for ways to make their signal go further without degradation. These new products show Gepco’s commitment to providing the technology that allows them to do so,” said Joe Zajac, Market Development Manager for Gepco® Brand Products.

For you, the art of integration. For Gepco, the art of innovation. Together, the makings of a masterpiece. Find out how to create your masterpiece at our 2011 NAB Show Booth C9049 with Gepco® Brand, SheerWire™ and other General Cable products. Gepco Solutions...Your Creation’s Canvas.

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