Net Insight Introduces New Resource Management Solution into Nimbra Vision

Net Insight, a leading developer of efficient and scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, today announced the capability to integrate Net Insight’s Nimbra Vision and ScheduALL’s ScheduLINK to provide streamlined resource booking for on-demand services in Nimbra networks.

Avoiding resource conflicts is critical when dedicating resources in a network. Now, thanks to an interface that Net Insight and ScheduALL have jointly developed, network operators can use the -north-bound XML inter¬face of the Nimbra Vision Network Manager, a comprehensive tool for centralized monitoring and control of Nimbra networks, with the ScheduLINK enterprise resource management solution. The integration facilitates planning and booking of Nimbra network resources via the ScheduLINK system, guaranteeing that network operators avoid resource conflicts when establishing on-demand services. To further streamline the resource booking workflow, ScheduLINK provides automatic invoice creation and integrated accounts receivable tools.

With this integration Nimbra Vision remains the Network Management System, responsible for monitoring and controlling the Nimbra network. It also allows the operator to provision services outside of those booked in ScheduLINK.

Due to the flexibility of the Nimbra solution, operators need only to configure source and destination interfaces when provisioning services; the network elements optimize and set up the actual path through the network. In case of a network failure, the network elements swiftly re-route affected services without the involvement of any Network Management System. If the operator wants to control where the traffic actually flows through the network, the Nimbra network supports source routing. When using static routes, rerouting on failure can be done by setting up a prioritized list of source routes, which can be used for each service to provide protection.

"The joint integration between Nimbra Vision and ScheduLINK gives broadcasters and media companies using a Nimbra-based network a significant competitive advantage", said Per Lindgren, VP Business Development of Net Insight. "These operators not only have a network that can handle the most demanding video traffic, but fully automated management capabilities that allow them to ensure smooth workflow."