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Mosart(R) Medialab AS 2011 NAB Show Preview

Mosart(R) Medialab AS 2011 NAB Show Preview

Exhibiting With Snell in Booth N1820

Mosart(R) Medialab AS at the 2011 NAB Show:

Mosart(R) is the number one newscast automation solution in Europe with more than 70 percent market share, and the only open newscast automation system capable of working with all major systems and devices, including all leading video switchers manufactured by Snell, Ross, Grass Valley, and Sony. During the 2011 NAB Show, Mosart Medialab AS will demonstrate Mosart Newscast Automation 3.0, featuring a completely redesigned graphical interface while maintaining the first-class newscast overview Mosart is known to provide directors. Other enhancements include the ability to execute commands quickly via a touch screen monitor and updated implementation of Active-X for the newsroom system.

Mosart(R) Medialab AS Products at the 2011 NAB Show:

Mosart(R) Newscast Automation 3.0

Mosart(R) includes a range of new features and functions that further enhance the most versatile and powerful system on the market, including a completely redesigned graphical interface with full user-configurability and the capability to store settings. Story elements such as cameras, clips, and graphics can easily be assigned to buttons allowing easy and quick access, and a range of interface overviews can also be assigned to buttons, making the GUI a shot box for touch screens and adaptable for any TV production. Story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the Mosart GUI, and Mosart operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool ready for execution on request.

Content repurposing/reuse and MAM integration are enhanced with Mosart's delivery of news as-run information to continuity control systems such as Snell's Morpheus. Through the news as-run integration, continuity and MAM systems are now able to reuse individual stories or events from earlier recorded Mosart productions. Mosart can also be user-configured to query MAM systems for metadata information.

Mosart also features enhanced handling of macros, sequences, loops, and continue points. Mosart's sequences tool enables separate parallel rundowns that can be executed on a studio back wall. Macros and continue points simplify automation setup, allowing the director to program once, but then proceed through multiple events or effects. Looping can now be applied to rundowns, segments, sequences, and clips.

Mosart now offers greatly simplified operations in multigallery multistudio environments, through one-time broadcast template creation and the ability to have one newsroom script aired anywhere, from any studio at any time. Mosart's industry-leading open-systems compatibility is extended with new support for Dalet News and Annova's OpenMedia, in addition to ENPS, iNEWS, Octopus, and NorCom. Mosart now supports eight manufacturers of audio mixers, five manufacturers of vision mixers, seven brands of servers, four graphics systems, and five camera robotics systems.

Company Background:

The Mosart(R) ( newscast automation system was conceived in 2002 at TV 2 Norway by professional news directors, producers, and editors. With their experience and expertise in news broadcasting, the designers shared a vision of simplifying the many tasks involved in controlling the production chain of a news broadcast. The aim was to improve the channel look and feel, derisk the operation by eliminating operational errors, and offer the opportunity to control a news channel via one operator where appropriate, thereby reducing costs.

Following extensive research into automation design and desirable operational features, early versions of the application were used successfully to automate short special event productions, and the first enterprise-scale application launched on air in January 2007, where it was used on TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, the new national news channel of TV 2. The ease of use, ability to control last minute changes, and unlimited support of editors and producers needs made it an instant hit with the production crew. All of these features were delivered by one operator via an intuitive control dashboard, saving many staff hours.

Encouraged by the successful integration and positive acceptance of the application by TV 2 Nyhetskanalen and the reliable 24/7 operation, the company Mosart Medialab AS was founded in May 2007.


"More than ever before in our industry, buyers are looking for a great return on investment, and the flexibility to adapt to rapid changes," said John Kjellevold, managing director of Mosart(R). "If you intend to meet these goals, it's important not to get tied into proprietary systems that won't work with a wide range of infrastructure. The Mosart system stands clear of the field in its ability to work with all major systems, and with its powerful but easy-to-use feature set, it makes news and sports operations far more efficient."


Mosart(R) Newscast Automation Solution