Bridging the gap between meaningful and meaningless video. Fast metadata tagging from Suitcase TV.

Aqua ShotLogger, as its name describes, logs shots. It is designed for the fast logging of shots and creating quick metadata tags. Annotating the media content, the metadata makes the video’s relevance greater, and enhances opportunities to re-use the content with faster identification of key events, clips and interest points. Whether tagging the day’s rushes, or a live sporting event, Aqua ShotLogger enables instantaneous metadata annotation within a user-friendly GUI environment.

Aqua ShotLogger has new features for capture, key frame display, browse and remote working.

In the last fortnight, ShotLogger has been used perform remote tagging over a distance of more than 5,000 miles, from the user in Los Angeles to the company’s server in the UK, with excellent results.

ShotLogger has a customisable keyword pad where tags are pre-defined and can be “colour-coded” for easy and fast recognition. Keywords can be structured within templates that fit the content providing both speed and consistency in the tagging process. From live news broadcasts to party political debates, sport and music, ShotLogger can cater for all events.

ShotLogger is ideal for swift compliance labelling, identifying cautions, such as swear words, nudity, violence, strobe lighting, which previously would have been carried out by hand and on paper, making future access to the information difficult. Taking a non-paper-based approach, allows the user to tag the event on the timeline synchronised with the video content with the timecode for reference. The beauty of this system is that it allows multi-user and multi-region access to the tagged content, saving hours when it comes to re-editing to make the programme compliant.

Suitcase TV customers have commented that ShotLogger has considerably sped up their programme production, demonstrating that by knowing where the important events were in the rushes, that these could be pulled out of the TeraBytes of footage to make the edit.

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