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SMPTE launches YouTube channel on 3-D issues

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has launched an official YouTube channel with a series of 60-second clips on the scientific and research findings presented at its recent International Conference on Stereoscopic 3-D for Media and Entertainment.

The conference, held on June 21 and 22 in New York City, focused on the critical technologies and strategies needed for widespread and sustained 3-D adoption.

The SMPTE channel includes clips such as society president Pete Ludé discussing key topics like the human factors related to viewing 3-D materials, live holographic television and computational photography.

Other topics include a look at the stereoscopic and the human visual system.

Also part of the discussion is stereoscopic image acquisition and processing. Are side-by-side and beam-splitter cameras the only ways to capture stereoscopic images? Are we heading toward the use of machine vision to address key acquisition issues? What is the state of the art of 2-D-to-3-D conversion? Can we really fix it in post? How do we color correct stereo? How are we handling shot tracking for visual effects in stereo?