DFT Introduces New SCANITY Features at NAB 2012

DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, announces at set of enhanced features for the SCANITY 4K/2K film scanner, which make it an even stronger scanning solution for the archive film market. The new features will be demonstrated at NAB 2012, booth C11145.

Enhanced features for vertical over-scanning function: SCANITY now provides users the option to adjust vertical over-scanning factors according the image height that is required. The advantage is that the smaller over-scan factors result in faster speeds e.g. 2K scanning with 10% over-scanning is now possible in real-time. This is not only a speed advantage, but also provides the highest quality parallel audio and image scanning. This advantage is particularly useful when images and frame bars are jumping around on the film and require correction in post production.

Audio scanning with user-adjustable optical heads: The audio scanning feature now includes adjustable optical scanning heads, which provides better tracking of the audio on the film. In the case where archive film is shrunken or the quality of the film print is poor, the user can re-position the audio scanning head freely, therefore improving the audio scan qualities.

Faster Film Winding: The SCANITY shuttle mode (with image) and spooling mode (without image) has already set a benchmark in the industry compared to other film scanners. The new winding mode feature reduces the “waiting game” even further when the user wishes to remove the film quickly after scanning.

Improved dirt detection & concealment algorithms: The enhanced algorithms provide even better dirt and scratch detection and concealment than before. They have been especially adapted for 16mm film, which has its own film grain characteristics that need special attention for best results.

Native SD/HD file output support: The list of output formats for HDTV and SDTV resolution have been extended. One example; SDTV files can now be generated in square and non-square (native) pixel aspect ratios.

These key new SCANITY features will be on display at NAB 2012, booth C11145.