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Omneon at NAB 2010

At Saturday night’s press conference, Omneon unveiled new components and enhancements across its product line and several collaborative partnerships.

"Our customers are being driven by business realities to simplify their workflows and leverage their video infrastructure more effectively in producing and distributing content," said Geoff Stedman, senior vice president, marketing and business development at Omneon. "Supporting the production workflow in its entirety, the Omneon platform offers the best of Omneon storage and processing technology, as well as the interoperability to support the strengths of tightly integrated third-party systems. A series of enhancements to our products and ongoing work with both clients and partner vendors have contributed to the refinement of the Omneon production platform and its value in today's demanding media workflows."

Stedman reviews several product enhancements:

MediaDirector 2201. This module delivers more channels and more IP bandwidth at the same price than the earlier MediaDirector 2102B.

MediaGrid ContentServer 2124. Includes the latest release of MediaGrid software, V2.3. Three ContentServer 2124 systems have up to 1Gb/s in bandwidth, support up to 100 simultaneous Final Cut Pro editors, and can natively host transcoding and QC applications.

Omneon’s Spectrum and MediaDeck software V6.1 adds support for the MediaDirector 2201 while contributing new capabilities including support for recording XDCAM HD signals, which are compliant with Sony's RDD9 standard.

Stedman said that the company also would increase its sales efforts in the corporate and government markets. He noted that because the footprints of some of the new Omneon products are now sufficiently smaller, these types of users can more easily apply the company’s solutions.