Ianiro UK Takes On California Sunbounce

Ianiro UK Ltd has added California Sunbounce light control products to its range after being appointed video channel partner by the German manufacturer.

Available in a variety of different sizes, the California Sunbounce system consists of a patented three-dimensional dismountable framework made from super-strong aluminium. Three types of screen - reflective, translucent or light blocking - can be easily fitted into the frame to create a stiff and stable structure that is ideal for both studio and location shoots.

The California Sunbounce system is designed to be both versatile and robust. Its lightweight construction makes it highly portable and it can be broken down to fit into a tube-like bag with a 5-8 cm diameter and a maximum length of 130cm.

Nick Allen-Miles, managing director of Redditch-based Ianiro UK, says: “Although the core products of Ianiro own manufactured and branded equipment remain the priority for our business, we are always exploring ways of adding value by stocking other products that complement our range. The California Sunbounce system fits this brief because it is a high quality product that is clearly targeted at our existing customer base.”

Ianiro UK supplies and markets the full Ianiro product range within the UK. International agreements prevent the company from handling some of the products sold in Italy, but these have been substituted with a solid line up of equipment from other manufacturers.

“Apart from California Sunburst, we are also the UK agents for ABC Cranes and Dollies, Luggy bags and cases and Kupo Grip equipment, and the European distributor for Libec camera support equipment. Our customer base is growing and now covers more than 20 countries, with 64% of our business carried out overseas.”