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VSN presents the version 4 of vsnarchive, which concentrates the digital archive and on-line content management solutions in a single multiplatform software application (Windows/Mac).

Nowadays, both production companies and TV channels are de facto factories of contents, for whom it is essential to have a solution that allows them to efficiently organize their productions and make them ready for a multiplatform, linear or on-demand distribution, via conditional access. In order to guarantee the profitability of these companies, VSN launches its new archiving and document management software vsnarchive4 .

The two main innovations of this powerful solution are the integration of the on-line (sharer) and near-line (archive) content management in a single tool and the compatibility with MacOS and Windows (multiplatform). It offers an advanced DAM (Digital Asset Management) covering every single ingest and cataloguing process as well as online (high/low-res), nearline and offline storage management (HSM). vsnarchive4 makes all contents available to the users through a smart and transparent management of their location at all times. Both document specialists and search clients (local or remote) can use a viewer to select the different segments to be catalogued or partially restore them regardless of the media type (data tapes, hard disk drives, video tapes, etc.). vsnarchive4 now offers an unprecedented powerfulness and ease-of-use.

The tool can be used independently or totally integrated within the complete set of VSN solutions. Furthermore, it can be completely integrated with the different non-linear editing software in the market. VSN also announces a special migration offer to the new version for all vsnarchive users.

With this new product, the Spanish company takes a step forward in its strategy to offer the highest third-party integration while maintaining their philosophy of "one single provider", wherever is needed.