Miranda provides 3-D solutions

I almost want to tell you where the yearly Miranda Technologies press conference will be held, just because company CTO Michel Proulx is so entertaining and educating. I learn more about technology and solutions at his press conferences than all the others combined. By the time the press conference was over, I better understood a range of 3-D terms: over/under, side-by-side, anaglyph, and interaxial adjustments and about a half-dozen other common 3-D labels and technology, but I digress.

As if to emphasize his company's 3-D expertise, Proulx did a portion of his press conference using 3-D displays and 3-D Web screen captures from the Masters golf tournament. How's that for nifty?

To help broadcasters and content providers step into stereoscopic 3-D production, Miranda is releasing a number of new products. The Densite 3DX-3901 (PDF link) signal processor will convert multiple 3-D formats including dual 1.5Gb/s, single 1.5Gb/s, dual 3Gb/s, and single 3Gb/s with side-by-side encoding and Sensio side-by-side encoding. (See my brief on Sensio in a later blog.) Monitor functions include anaglyph, difference-disparity, and left- or right-eye displays. The 3DX-3901 processor card offers horizontal and vertical flip and interaxial adjustment.

(Watch BE TV's coverage of the 3DX-3901 here.)

Miranda is also showing a new 3-D option for the Imagestore 750 (PDF link) channel branding processor. It now provides four stereoscopic 3-D branding layers with single 1.5Gb/s signals and two stereoscopic branding layers with dual 1.5Gb/s signals using internally stored 3-D graphics or single/dual fill and key inputs.

The company's line of Kaleido multiviewers has been upgraded for 3-D applications. The Kaleido-X (96x8), Kaleido-X16 (PDF link) (16x2) and the Kaleido Modular (8x2) all can monitor stereoscopic 3-D signals with support for dual 1.5Gb/s and single 3Gb/s signals.

If you need to work in 3-D space, Miranda has solutions on display in booth N2515. Of course they also have a full range of other new products on display.