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Dalet embeds content production tools in web portals

Dalet Digital Media Systems has packaged several of its software-based production tools and interfaces to allow them to be embedded into customer portals for remote access and collaborative workgroups.

Based on Google Gadget technology, these web-based Dalet “gadgets” provide a way for third-party integrators and customers to leverage Dalet’s tools at the enterprise level.

Google Gadgets are dynamic web content that can be embedded on a web page. They can be added to and interact strongly with Google’s iGoogle personalized home page and the Google Desktop application, as well as Google Wave. Webmasters can add and customize a gadget to their own business or personal web site, a process called “syndication.”

Gadgets are developed by Google and third-party developers using the Google Gadgets API, which includes applications written in XML and JavaScript.

The Dalet preview gadget allows users on a corporate portal to select assets from the Dalet database, preview and stream them in a frame accurate manner in the Dalet Preview window directly from the portal without needing a separate, external application. This allows large enterprises to use assets across many different departments for many different purposes.

From a single portal, users can have access to all the tools and assets they need, whether its calendars and mail or video and rough-cut editing tools.

In addition to its Preview window interface, Dalet has also enabled the Dalet Media Logger and Dalet Storyboarder as Google Gadgets. MediaLogger is a logging tool for previewing content and adding annotation to the video on a template basis to produce new clips and shot lists.

Storyboarder is a shot selection tool for rough-cut editing that uses mark-ins and mark-outs to create simple EDLs, organize them in whatever order users prefer and exchange them with craft editors.