Universal Sports Network streams with Brightcove

Universal Sports Network—a partnership between NBC Sports and InterMedia Partners—is using Brightcove, a provider of cloud content services, to deliver live and on-demand sports coverage to UniversalSports.com, its website.

Universal Sports Networks is a multi-platform media destination for Olympic-related sports programming in the United States. Offering more than 1,200 hours of original programming each year, the company has exclusive rights to world and national championship events in a wide array of sports, including swimming, track and field, gymnastics, cycling, skiing, figure skating and rugby.

Universal Sports offers a four-screen experience to viewers and is using Brightcove’s Video Cloud to deliver more than 2,000 hours of sports programming to both Adobe Flash and HTML5 desktops and devices.

Video Cloud’s Smart Players can detect what device and bandwidth a viewer is using and all of the content is optimized for the respective viewing screen. As part of the deployment, the cloud was integrated into Universal Sports Network’s existing WordPress content management system, making all of the features and functionality available within the native WordPress environment.

Adobe Pass, meanwhile, supports authentication against cable/satellite subscription credentials to control access to protected content, while viewers can subscribe to content packages through a content management platform provided by CSG International.

“Universal Sports Network is serving a passionate, underserved sports audience who want to access content on any device and at any time during a big Olympics year,” said Eric Elia, vice president of TV solutions at Brightcove.

Video Cloud also gives Universal Sports access to analytics and reporting tools that is used to measure the performance of programming and fine-tune content to best meet the demands of the company’s audience and dedicated advertiser base, said Elliott Gordon, vice president and general manager of digital for Universal Sports.

Brightcove has more than 3,800 customers in over 50 countries that rely on Video