Harris pre-NAB coverage, part 2

Looking to support broadcasters’ desires to do more with less, Harris will be demonstrating an integrated master control solution at NAB booth N2502. The demonstration will use the company’s full breadth of interoperable capabilities to prepare content for playout to a variety of distribution channels.

The flexible, yet tight integration “…optimizes a station’s branding, switching and quality of each signal being broadcast,” said Tim Thorsteinson, president of Harris Broadcast Communications.

The control center demonstration will feature a Harris NEXIO AMP advanced media platform providing feeds to an IconMaster master control switcher, CENTRO multi-image processor, Platinum routing switcher and ADC automation. The five systems work seamlessly together, greatly simplifying workflow in multichannel operations. Note that many of the live demonstrations will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing from the Harris Web site.

Another hot term at this year’s convention is 3Gb/s. If you’re planning on any type of infrastructure upgrade, you must consider 3Gb/s solutions. Even if you don’t believe your facility will ever need to support 1080/60p, remember this is backbone hardware. While I wouldn’t want to predict that “most” vendors will be showing 3Gb/s solutions this year, rest assured that many will be demonstrating deliverable hardware. Next year, most video exhibitors will have a full line of 3Gb/s products.

Harris is among the group with real hardware. The company will introduce new 3Gb/s HD/SD/ASI fiber distribution amplifiers in a variety of configurations, based on its 6800+ modular line. All of the DAs offer a balance of I/Os over standard coax. Key features include full 3Gb/s HD/SD/ASI, reclocking low power consumption with ASI compatibility on all outputs.

Before you decide you don’t need 3Gb/s technology, watch this video, which is available on the Harris Web site.