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Wohler Technologies BIRTV 2011 Product Preview

BIRTV 2011 Product Preview

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Wohler Products at BIRTV 2011:

AMP1-D8MDA-3G Lower-Cost Dolby(R) Digital Audio Monitor

Designed specifically to meet the requirements of today's broadcasters, the AMP1-D8MDA-3G offers a lower-cost solution for operators who only require decoding of Dolby(R) Digital (AC-3) signals. The AMP1-D8MDA-3G in-rack audio monitor is capable of outputting and/or displaying up to eight channels of encoded audio from Dolby Digital streams decoded from AES and 3G/HD/SD-SDI multichannel inputs. The AMP1-D8MDA-3G is ideal for use in VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, teleconferencing installations, multimedia systems, satellite links, cable TV facilities, and on-air radio studios.

AMP2-E8MDA Multiformat Audio Monitor

The AMP2-E8MDA multiformat audio monitor processes and monitors up to eight channels from a Dolby(R) E or AC-3 (Dolby Digital) bit stream, an HD-SDI or SD-SDI bit stream, two sets of four AES/EBU signal pairs (balanced and unbalanced), or eight balanced analog channels. Eight high-resolution 53-segment tricolor LED bar graph audio-level meters provide instant and accurate level monitoring at a glance. A convenient high-contrast LCD display on the front panel shows the user settings and status, type of signal, channel selection, mute status, and phase/correlation. The unique acoustic design of the AMP2-E8MDA provides optimally focused sound in an ultra-near-field (one to three feet) environment, which allows higher SPL for the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk.

HDCC Series Captioning/Subtitling Products

Wohler will also display the groundbreaking HDCC Series captioning/subtitling products, which allow users to handle encoding, decoding, and monitoring of CEA-608, CEA-708, WST, and OP-47 captions/subtitles, as well as encoding and decoding of multiple GPI triggers. Based on Wohler's award-winning flexible HDCC card design, the products allow broadcasters to choose the functionality their application requires at a competitive price point.

CD-2 Native Video Format Captions/Subtitle OSD Monitor

Wohler's new CD-2 caption/subtitle video monitor adaptor provides an OSD-decoded captions/subtitles output that maintains the original video format, as well as a re-clocked pass-through video output. A captions/subtitles-present LED indicator on the front panel enables a quick check of service presence. The CD-2 is available for both WST/OP-47 and CEA-608/CEA-708 standards, and it supports SD/HD content with automatic format detection.

Presto Video Switcher

Also on display will be Presto, a new video switcher that makes 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI video channels readily available for monitoring and straightforward switching via integrated OLED pushbuttons. Following on the success of Wohler's Touch-It(TM) Digital multichannel video monitor and controller, Presto is a compact 1-RU solution with 16 OLED screens, each of which serves as a switching button that displays the video stream from any source.

MADI-8 Audio Monitor

Wohler will showcase its new MADI-8 audio monitor, which enables broadcasters to implement the Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI or AES10) in their production workflows. MADI is an industry-standard electronic communications protocol for an interface that carries multiple channels of digital audio. MADI is extremely desirable for outside broadcasters, as it greatly reduces the amount of cable and weight associated with traditional analog- or AES-based audio distribution.

Pandora Loudness Analyzer

Pandora is a compact and easy-to-read desktop or rack-mountable loudness monitor with logging that can be employed at any point in the broadcast chain that requires simple, accurate loudness monitoring. In helping broadcasters to address the demands of global loudness standards, the Pandora monitor provides a clear, accurate reading of loudness measurements for any SDI video signal with audio. Accepting and analyzing embedded audio in either SDI or AES streams, Pandora gives the user an accurate reading of loudness measurements (LKFS/LUFS) over a user-defined period of time, ranging from 400 milliseconds to 60 minutes.

AMP2-16V Series Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor

Wohler will also present major functional enhancements to its flagship AMP2-16V audio/video processing monitor. Highlights include "auto-detect" for 3G/HD/SD and embedded Dolby(R), which enables customers to perform automatic monitoring in mixed signal format environments; support for SMPTE 2020 metadata monitoring; a menu lockout function that prevents unauthorized changes to the unit's configuration; the ability to cycle through solo monitoring of defined clusters of audio channels at the press of a button; an optical TOSLINK input option for monitoring the consumer's set-top box (STB) experience; and improved display of metadata and stream status information. These new updates are available as a simple upgrade to all current AMP2-16V owners and come standard on all new AMP2-16V units.


"Our award-winning line of signal management and confidence monitoring products is designed to ensure our customers can operate as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible, especially in today's digital and HD broadcast environments," said Jhonny Maroun, Asia Pacific regional sales manager at Wohler. "We are very pleased to be demonstrating our solutions for video, audio, captioning, and loudness applications at BIRTV 2011. This includes our new AMP1-D8MDA-3G Dolby(R) in-rack audio monitor, the new MADI-8 monitor, and an expanded lineup of captioning and ancillary data management products, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the dynamic and competitive Asian marketplace."

Company Background:

Wohler offers a comprehensive and award-winning range of audio, video, data monitoring, and captioning products designed to provide the highest quality solutions for facilities of all sizes and complexity. Founded in 1987, the San Francisco Bay-area manufacturer has grown to become the dominant provider of confidence monitoring and signal management solutions for the broadcast and pro audio/video markets. Originally inventing and defining the category of in-rack audio, video, and data monitoring products, the company has expanded its offerings to include solutions for captioning and loudness. More information about Wohler and its full range of solutions is available at

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HDCC Series Captioning/Subtitling Products

CD-2 Native Video Format Captions/Subtitle Monitor

Presto Video Switcher

MADI-8 Audio Monitor

Pandora Loudness Analyzer

AMP2-16V Series