MultiDyne(R) Introduces SilverCAT To Extend HD Camera Signals Over CAT5 Cable

First InfleXion Design Solution Offers Combination of Cat 5 Cabling and Innovative Compression Technologies

LOCUST VALLEY, N.Y. -- April 14, 2012 -- MultiDyne(R), a leading provider of fiber optic-based video and audio transport solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications, today announced that at the 2012 NAB Show it will debut SilverCAT, a camera-mounted transceiver that leverages inexpensive Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling with state-of-the-art compression technologies to cost-effectively transport high-quality HD video signals, as well as audio, intercom, tally, and control data, for broadcast, pro A/V, government and military applications. SilverCAT is the first in a range of products from InfleXion Design available through MultiDyne. A recently announced co-venture, InfleXion Design combines the strengths of three industry veterans: Frank Jachetta, Eugene Baker and Carlos Acosta.

SilverCAT modernizes older and low-cost professional/broadcast cameras by transporting intercom, audio, and data signals. This enables users to operate their cameras in multiple settings, including news, sports, studio, education and multi-camera productions. Using standard Cat 5 twisted pair copper cabling, the high-performance solution extends HD camera transmission up to 250 meters with minimal video compression, offering broadcasters an affordable alternative to more expensive fiber-based and wireless camera transceivers.

A lightweight adapter fits between the camera and battery so that users experience a high level of comfort when using SilverCAT in the field, an essential requirement for rugged operating environments like outdoor sporting events. Through a sophisticated, easy-to-use interface broadcasters can manage a variety of enhanced camera functions.

"This first InfleXion Design solution is perfect for broadcasters wanting to deliver high-quality video, without the expense of a fiber or wireless system," said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne. "By relying on standard Cat 5 cabling, the transceiver is cost-saving because it reduces cable maintenance expenses without compromising video quality. And with its ability to transmit essential intercom and data signals, SilverCAT extends the life of older camera systems so they can be used in a wide range of applications, from high school and local access television to DSNG and sports."

InfleXion Design's solid foundation draws from the leading-edge design skills of Eugene Baker previously co-founder and CTO of Telecast, combined with Solid Camera co-founder Carlos Acosta's real-world, on-set expertise in digital cinema and industrial design and the vision of MultiDyne president and fiber-optic pioneer Frank Jachetta. The union allows MultiDyne to provide camera operators with innovative new solutions that are elegant in design while offering improved workflow and operational ease of use. The new high-performance, fiber-optic-based camera accessories are designed to appeal to a wide range of applications -- from broadcast television stations to 3D cinematographers.

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