Manzanita Demonstrates New MPEG Solutions at the IBC2010 Show

POWAY, California— Manzanita Systems, Inc. will showcase a new and expanded line of products at the IBC2010 Show (Stand 2.C33). For the first time in Europe, the company will demonstrate the latest versions of its widely recognized transport stream multiplexers, analyzers and content verification solutions. Manzanita’s software products are essential tools that enable broadcasters, post-production houses, service providers, and manufacturers of digital video technologies to produce better MPEG content, workflows, and solutions.

“When we needed a reputable and cost-effective solution to verify the compliance of VOD and IPTV content, we turned to Manzanita because they’re known for high-quality products that work,” explains Ronnie Andersson, CTO at Mungo Digital AB. “With the Manzanita analyzer we can verify compliance on all our transport stream files automatically, before sending them to our customers. We also use the Manzanita multiplexer to rapidly fix problems that otherwise would require time-consuming re-encoding, and to add DVB subtitles to the content we encode. We’re extremely happy with the Manzanita products because they help us provide customers with great post-production services.”

MPEG-2 Transport Stream Analyzer Enhanced (MP2TSAE 5)

Manzanita will also demonstrate the upcoming version 5 of MP2TSAE which includes a new configuration editor for defining analysis profiles, stacked buffer plots for viewing the interactions between different buffers, new parameters for MPEG IPB spacing, KLV metadata support, and much more. The TS analyzer software is an essential tool in the development, integration and testing of MPEG-2 based systems. Manzanita’s transport stream analyzer enables engineers, designers, testers, and technical staff to speed product development cycles, identify media interoperability problems, and offer in-depth insight into the transport stream layer. The TS analyzer is available as a standalone application or SDK for offline and real-time applications.

MPEG-2 Transport Stream Multiplexer Enhanced (MP2TSME 6)

At IBC2010, Manzanita will demonstrate the latest version of its enhanced transport stream multiplexer software (MP2TSME 6). The TS multiplexer is used to insert DVB subtitles in one or more languages into transport stream files. The enhanced TS mux also adds 708 closed captioning functionality for DTV, improves the reliability of content encoded in H.264 for VOD applications and adds a host of options for creating transport stream files to test digital video equipment. MP2TSME is an industry-leader in offline multiplexing because of its vast array of features and its proven multiplexing core technology. Manzanita’s multiplexer software utilizes a robust multiplexer engine to produce professional-grade, single-program and multiple-program transport stream files. It is available as a standalone application or SDK for offline and real-time applications.

Manzanita CrossCheck™

CrossCheck leverages Manzanita’s reputation for performance and adherence to standards in order to deliver fast and rigorous verification of content against pre-defined CableLabs, MPEG, ATSC, and DVB profiles, or a custom set of specifications. Manzanita CrossCheck performs:

• High-level verification of file characteristics such as resolution, aspect ratios and bit rates

• In-depth analysis of MPEG and the transport stream layer such as PIDs, discontinuities, and jitter

• Audio and video quality measurements such as black frames, blockiness, pillars, and audio levels

Content and service providers use CrossCheck throughout their aggregation, ingest, encoding, production, and distribution workflow. Users can confidently proceed with the content after CrossCheck quickly greenlights their media assets or quarantines them for further inspection. If the TS file is flagged as non-compliant by CrossCheck, then the user may gain an in-depth insight into the problem by using Manzanita’s enhanced transport stream analyzer (MP2TSAE).

CrossCheck‘s automation significantly reduces the labor costs, and produces more consistent and higher quality results. A web services interface is available for seamless integration into management solutions, in which CrossCheck can provide a quick "pass/fail" filter within the workflow. Unlike other content verification solutions that cost tens of thousands of dollars, Manzanita CrossCheck starts at USD $3,500 - providing a return on investment within a few weeks.

About Manzanita Systems, Inc.

Manzanita Systems is a leading provider of essential MPEG software solutions for digital television, VOD, and digital ad insertion. Renowned for adherence to standards, Manzanita’s transport stream analyzers and multiplexers are indispensable tools that enable service providers, broadcasters, post-production houses, and manufacturers of digital video technologies to produce better MPEG content, workflows, and solutions. The Manzanita products are available as standalone applications and SDKs for offline and real-time applications. Learn more about Manzanita’s proven solutions at