Wohler Technologies Broadcast Video Expo 2012

Wohler Technologies Broadcast Video Expo 2012

February 14-16, 2012

Hall/Stand L26

Wohler Products at Broadcast Video Expo (BVE) 2012:

New! DVM-2443 Video Monitor

The new DVM-2443 MPEG video monitor is a cost-effective four-screen monitoring system that offers broadcasters advanced test and measurement features in a stand-alone 2-RU configuration. First introduced at IBC2011, the DVM-2443 video monitor incorporates four 4.3-inch 16:9 ratio LED backlit displays for flexible and convenient at-a-glance monitoring of program content from MPEG-2/4 ASI streams, as well as PID table metadata, waveform, and vectorscope overlays, and audio-level meters. In addition, the DVM-2443 accepts two 3G/HD/SD-SDI loop-through inputs, as well as composite video, component video, DVI-I, and analog audio stereo inputs.

New! RMQ-230 Quad Split Video Monitor

Also on display at BVE 2012 will be the new RMQ-230 quad split video monitor, which allows users to watch video and monitoring data in up to four display windows on a single 23-inch 1920x1080 LED backlight screen. RMQ-230 series monitors accept 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog composite, and HDMI inputs in varying configurations tailored for different monitoring applications. In addition to allowing broadcasters to mix and match video input formats on a single screen, RMQ-230 monitors can display waveform and vectorscope while also providing audio de-embedding, audio metering of up to eight channels, UMD, timecode, and various markers. While the new Wohler LCD monitor can display video and monitoring features in four uniform areas, broadcasters also can configure the system as a single full screen or with one large and three smaller windows, the latter being ideal for simultaneous PC workstation screen and audio/video confidence monitoring usage.

New! AMP1-3G Dual SDI Audio Monitor

Wohler will debut a new dual SDI audio monitor that offers fast, easy operation for the most demanding production applications. Whether in the studio or on the road, the compact AMP1-3G provides instantaneous selection and summing of any grouping of SDI audio pairs. The low-cost unit also features adjustable volume and balance controls, clear display of levels, and other critical information on bright 2.4-inch LED-backlit LCD displays, with configurations that can be created, saved, and recalled remotely via Ethernet connection using an intuitive PC interface.

AMP2-E16V Series Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor

Wohler will also present enhancements to its flagship AMP2-E16V audio/video processing monitor. Highlights include a new automation configuration menu and hot keys that allow the unit to recall presets automatically based on a predefined set of conditions. These features greatly simplify operations for a broader range of users by addressing even the most complex applications with a single press of a button. In addition to new automation and channel-cluster configuration options, version 5 now offers support for both Dolby(R) and SMPTE 2020 metadata-based downmixing, more specific status window descriptors, and remote setup and software update options via Ethernet connection.

AMP1-D8MDA-3G Audio Monitor with Dolby(R) Digital

Wohler's AMP1-D8MDA-3G offers a lower-cost solution for operators who only require decoding of Dolby(R) Digital (AC-3) signals. The AMP1-D8MDA-3G in-rack audio monitor is capable of outputting and/or displaying up to eight channels of encoded audio from Dolby Digital streams decoded from AES and 3G/HD/SD-SDI multichannel inputs. The AMP1-D8MDA-3G is ideal for use in VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, teleconferencing installations, multimedia systems, satellite links, cable TV facilities, and on-air radio studios.

HDCC Series Captioning/Subtitling Products

Wohler will also display the groundbreaking HDCC Series captioning/subtitling products, which allow users to handle encoding, decoding, and monitoring of CEA-608, CEA-708, WST, and OP-47 captions/subtitles, as well as encoding and decoding of multiple GPI triggers. Based on Wohler's award-winning flexible HDCC card design, the products allow broadcasters to choose the functionality their application requires at a competitive price point.

Pandora Loudness Analyzer

Pandora is a compact and easy-to-read desktop or rack-mountable monitor that can be employed at any point in the broadcast chain that requires simple, accurate loudness monitoring to ensure compliance with EBU R-128 and other global standards. Through the new Wohler Loudness application, Pandora now allows users to monitor, analyze, and demonstrate audio loudness levels on an iPad(R) or iPod touch(R).

Company Quote:

"As the UK's largest broadcast, audio and video show, BVE is tremendously important for Wohler as we continue to build and strengthen our brand recognition throughout the region," said Terry Allford, Wohler's business development and channel manager for EMEA. "At this year's show, we will be demonstrating many of our signal management and confidence monitoring solutions for audio, video, and captioning applications. This includes the RMQ-230 quad split monitor which we anticipate will be as enthusiastically received in the European market as the AMP2-E16V monitor has been."

Company Background:

Wohler offers a comprehensive and award-winning range of video, audio, data monitoring, and captioning products designed to provide the highest quality solutions for facilities of all sizes and complexity. Founded in 1987, the San Francisco Bay-area manufacturer has grown to become the dominant provider of confidence monitoring and signal management solutions for the broadcast and pro audio/video markets. Originally inventing and defining the category of in-rack audio, video, and data monitoring products, the company has expanded its offerings to include solutions for captioning and loudness. More information about Wohler and its full range of solutions is available at www.wohler.com.

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