Toronto, Ontario, Canada – February 9, 2009 … Lawo, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of digital audio networking and console systems for production, post production, broadcast, and related applications, is pleased to announce the new Version 4.4 software release for the company’s mc² Series production consoles, which includes the flagship mc²90, mc²66, and mc²56. The new V4.4 operating system software introduces numerous advancements designed to streamline and protect workflow, including Control System Redundancy, increased capability for the Error Log via Web browser functionality, color coding of channels from the Channel Configuration page, new DSP configurations, and a Free Control Preset Selection per fader bay among the highlights of the new software.

In tandem with the Lawo Router MKII, the V4.4 OS software provides a redundant control system that initiates an automatic takeover if an error on the router module/control system occurs. The control system redundancy activates if the standby system notices a loss of the connection between both control systems. This can occur as a result of either a software failure or a hardware error in the active control system. Further, a manual takeover can be initiated by the user from the system page. During initialization and after plugging in a second Router MKII, the router cards will synchronize to the system.

When synchronizing, the data exchange between the two router cards is also managed. The two cards operate comparably to a RAID system. During the Sync process, all user data on the redundant router card is overwritten with the data from the primary router, including production data, automation data, and snapshots. These enhancements create a Dual Star structure that results in the most bullet-proof design for system redundancy—both on the audio and control levels. This results in the most secure mixing environment for today’s sophisticated projects.

Lawo’s version 4.4 software also delivers extended functionality for Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) input/output management via a Web browser. With a computer connected to the system, the Error Log is accessible from any standard Web browser. By entering the mc² console’s IP address, users gain access to the System Overview, Global Alarm, Device Availability, and Silence Detects pages. On these pages, users are able to obtain vital information such as the network configuration, an auto-refresh function for Global Alarms, plus router status and slot descriptions among the many system parameters.

Contributing to greater visual enhancement for tracking the wealth of information available to the user is the newly implemented free color coding of channels from the Channel Configuration page. With the V4.4 software, the eight colors of the mc²series’ color coding capabilities (such as sensing visualization in the channel displays and RGB LEDs below the faders in mc²56 and mc²90) can be set individually for every channel.

The assignments of colors are stored within the Snapshot and the Production. Every assignment can also be reset or copied by using the Copy/Reset functionalities of the console and by selecting the color coding with the SEL button on the Channel Configuration page. A total reset of all assigned colors can be performed from the System Settings page.

Lawo’s V4.4 software offers additional attractive features: The GUI pages have been enhanced and optimized. This greatly improves the overview and handling, and also enables the metering design to suit live applications much better. A Reverse Bus Assign page now facilitates the fast location of undesired inputs to the busses.

The V4.4 software also incorporates new DSP configurations for both 48 kHz and 96 kHz applications with five- and six-channel DSP boards, providing even greater flexibility for the mix engineer.

For users of Lawo’s flagship mc²90 production console, the new V4.4 system software also has free control preset selection per fader bay. With the mc²90, it is now possible to toggle through all Free Control Presets, individually per bay. This is accomplished with the Preset button and the FC1-4 up / FC5-8 down keys of the Iso Bay Access.

Herbert Lemcke, President of Lawo North America, commented on the company’s new V4.4 OS release. “The new version 4.4 software reflects Lawo’s ongoing commitment to extend the best possible work environment for users of our mc² Series consoles,” said Lemcke. “Version 4.4 brings an entirely new level of system redundancy to these consoles. No one else in the industry matches Lawo when it comes to fail-safe system operation. The Control System Redundancy is a huge benefit that safeguards all the settings of a large, sophisticated project and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Further, there is a wealth of increased functionality in this new release and the list of new features is extensive. This new software enables users of the mc²56, mc²66, and mc²90 to work faster and more intuitively. I’m confident mix engineers will find V4.4 a compelling upgrade.”

Lawo’s new Version 4.4 software is available now. Additional information on the new Version 4.4 software can be obtained by visiting or by calling (888) 810-4468.

About Lawo

Lawo is a manufacturer of digital audio networking systems and consoles for a wide range of applications from small to large scale audio production in television and radio, post production, and live sound. Established in the 1970s, the company’s manufacturing center is located in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany. For additional information on all Lawo products, visit the company online at