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JMR Electronics to Transform Creative Content Storage at IBC 2008

Please Visit IBC Stand 7.J30

Revolutionary PCIe storage technology pioneer catapults into the European broadcast and video post production markets at IBC

AMSTERDAM – September 12, 2008 – JMR Electronics, Inc. (, a premier innovator of Storage and Server Platforms for OEMs, Systems Integrators and VARS, will showcase its revolutionary and patented BlueStor™ PeSAN™ PCIe storage solutions at the IBC Conference and Exhibition, held at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam. The company will co-exhibit with a distribution partner, Global Distribution, at display 7.J30.

Fresh on the heels of a major sales and marketing expansion into Hollywood and the American entertainment industry, JMR is launching into the European market in grand fashion at IBC, unveiling to the world its extremely robust, uniquely designed and disruptive BlueStor PCIe based storage solutions that has Hollywood buzzing. The BlueStor PeSAN technology aims to create a storage platform that can easily scale to handle the bandwidth and capacity intensive requirements needed in the high-end broadcast, VOD, content creation and digital intermediate space, empowering true real-time collaborative workflow in digital post-production.

JMR’s BlueStor PeSAN technology is a wide bandwidth, high performance expandable storage using a switched architecture that avoids costly storage bus bridges or components like SCSI or Fibre Channel. The open system architecture based PeSAN solution delivers extremely high performance suitable for SD/HD editing and 2K/4K digital intermediate applications and combines robust operation with cost-efficient implementation, driving storage costs down to well below one dollar per Gigabyte.

Far more accessible to limited budget creative professionals and studios, simplicity and performance are second to none. PC and Apple® Mac® users on all levels will be able to reliably boost their workflows at a fraction of the price of higher-end solutions. A single 16-bay RAID with up to 16TB using SATA HDDs or 4.8TB using SAS HDDs, delivers over 1,400 MB/s in a 3U space - delivering enough performance for multi-stream SD, HD and 2K DI applications. For collaborative or multi-stream SD/HD and 2K/4K DI workflows requiring even higher performance and scalable storage, BlueStor PeSAN powered RAIDs can achieve up to 4,000 MB/s and be expanded to over 4,000 TB using the current JMR PeSAN technology .

“We are excited to launch our new storage technology into the European entertainment industry, and there’s no better way to do so than at IBC,” said Josef Rabinovitz, president and Chief Executive Officer at JMR. “The industry is just now finding out that the PCIe standard, with unique switching architecture, easily outperforms more costly solutions at a lower price point. With 6 years of development effort behind us, we are far ahead of the industry in PCIe technology – so much so that competitors are following our lead. BlueStor is literally the future of storage technology in the creative content world.”

About BlueStor™ PeSAN™

JMR’s BlueStor™ PeSAN™ Technology utilizes off-the-shelf PCIe RAID cards from a variety of popular manufacturers, all of whom are 100 percent compatibility tested. SAS or SATA disk drives can be used interchangeably in the array allowing for very diverse customization options. Disk drives are installed vertically rather than horizontally to improve SAS signal integrity and to maximize airflow, resulting in the coolest-operating disk drives possible. Only one multilane cable is used in the data path in order to maintain the flexibility of interchangeable RAID controllers.

Implemented into the storage infrastructure – the PCIe standard will dramatically improve performance and workflow efficiencies, as well as lowering the total cost of ownership due to the dramatic decrease in footprint, heat and cooling needs. This coupled with massive price decreases provides a clear alternative to expensive InfiniBand, Fibre Channel and SCSI solutions.

About JMR Electronics

JMR Electronics ( is the Leading Value Provider of Scalable Storage Systems for Performance, Capacity and Availability Driven Applications in the Government, Rich Media, VOD, Video Surveillance and Web 2.0 markets. JMR has been providing OEMs, resellers and government contractors award-winning solutions since 1982.

Recently, JMR successfully developed disruptive technology covered by new patents bringing very high-performance, low-cost designs to market. The company's new strategy for ‘direct attached storage’ and ‘network attached storage’ is expected to become the de-facto standard for small-to-medium and medium-to-large scale deployments over a broad range of IT and video applications.

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