Pacific Television Center Continues Expansion with Opening of PacTV Pool New York

Newsgathering Service Relies on FTP Technology for Fast Turnaround

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 6, 2010 ─ Pacific Television Center (PacTV), a Los Angeles-based independent global transmission and production company, has recently expanded its services in New York with the launch of PacTV Pool New York, its latest newsgathering service that is solely powered by FTP technology. With this file-based delivery system, New York City-based reporters, equipped with a laptop and the appropriate editing software, can now upload their breaking news footage directly to PacTV Pool New York from wherever they are, resulting in an expedited distribution to interested broadcasters.

Once uploaded, it is accessible to any broadcaster that maintains ports at The Switch New York, which is the primary distribution point for the service. Employing FTP technology is a significant improvement over the time-consuming process formerly used by reporters, which entailed microwave feeds of raw footage to multiple stations one by one. With PacTV Pool it can now be as simple as sending a single FTP file.

“We are thrilled to bring the PacTV Pool to the East Coast, giving New York City reporters the same convenience enjoyed by reporters in Los Angeles for years,” says Nick Castaneda, New York branch manager, Pacific Television Center. “By utilizing this technology, we are providing reporters with the ability to move their content faster and more easily to multiple broadcasters.”

After a field reporter edits his story, he can export the final content as a compressed MPEG4 file, which provides superior broadcast quality that is comparable to commonly used MPEG2 technology. One minute of video footage can take less than five minutes to upload from hotspots or wireless cards. Files delivered to the PacTV FTP servers are then played in a continuous loop throughout the day via The Switch New York.

PacTV chose to use a simple naming convention for the files, allowing them to identify who uploaded the file, date and slug information. This allows PacTV to use this information for its automatic logging, which is important for the PacTV master control room staff, which can then easily identify and organize the files. It also allows the company to bill the reporter according to the files he uploaded.

In addition to enabling faster turnaround, the FTP server is also a more cost-effective option. Having reporters upload footage direct to PacTV Pool New York allows for the implementation of a new, pay-by-the-minute system.

Finally, by offering a file-based delivery system that is accessible via the Internet, PacTV has now made it possible for footage to be used not only by television, but by other media outlets including newspapers that post video to their web sites. This access to the latest technology broadens local reporters’ reach and helps them gain global exposure.

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