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SHELTON, CT, MARCH 8, 2012—For more than 20 years, Anton/Bauer®, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, and a premier global provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries, has crisscrossed the globe with Buck McNeely, host and producer of the outdoor adventure television series The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely. From the frozen wilderness of Siberian Russia to the steamy jungles of Africa and many points in between, Anton/Bauer designs its products to deliver consistently reliable performance even in the most challenging shooting environments. Perfect for McNeely and his crew, Anton/Bauer batteries power the thrilling video that has propelled the exciting series to become the largest syndicated outdoor adventure program in the world. The crew’s recent two-week, on-location filming of an African safari is the latest example of Anton/Bauer batteries’ ability to ensure the show goes on, even in the most extreme environments.

McNeely and his crew traveled to Africa to film a safari storyline about a father and son documenting African wild life. The crew filmed stock footage of a virtual menagerie of animals in their natural habitats, including elephants, rhinoceros, baboons and Cape buffalo.

“In extreme climatic conditions, from deserts to the frozen wastes of the Arctic, and mountains to swamplands, we’ve found that Anton/Bauer products hold up,” says McNeely, founder, Outdoorsman International and producer of The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely. “They perform very well, even in the chaotic filming environment of chasing wild animals as they leap and bound across the African plains. We also like the longevity of the Anton/Bauer batteries, because when we’re shooting, it’s usually from dawn to dusk. Additionally, the batteries are very portable, which enhances our ability to get into remote locations and shoot great footage.”

Currently, The Outdoorsman crew is relying heavily on DIONIC® 90 and DIONIC HCX batteries. Also in the crew’s arsenal are two CINE VCLX batteries, which are used during production with monitors, lights and wireless receivers. McNeely was drawn to Anton/Bauer almost two decades ago, when he found himself in the snow of the Rocky Mountains with a dying battery right before a crucial shot. At that moment, McNeely knew he needed a more reliable and durable power source. Today, he carries six to eight Anton/Bauer batteries when his crew goes on location and uses four batteries on average per day.

The DIONIC 90 was designed by Anton/Bauer to deliver consistently reliable performance even in the most challenging shooting environments on Earth. It offers a RealTime® display that continually updates the operator on how much run time remains and on the state of the current charge. Weighing only 1.7 pounds, the DIONIC 90 can be transported without restriction under the IATA and DOT safety regulations ( The 95 Wh battery can handle a maximum load of six amps, and offers run times ranging from six hours at 15 watts to 1.75 hours at 50 watts.

The DIONIC HCX offers 124 Wh battery capacity and a unique motion detection sensor, which puts the battery to “sleep” after a two-day period without a power draw. This feature significantly reduces self-discharge and provides extended storage and battery life with nearly zero capacity loss. To “awaken” the battery, customers need only move or attach it to a device. When airplane travel is required, DIONIC HCX users can carry on up to two batteries per person per flight.*

While in Africa, a region where unusually high power surges are typical, The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely crew experienced severe issues with power spikes. In one incident, an extremely high power surge caused a spike to break through a surge protector and incapacitated a charger. McNeely located the nearest Anton/Bauer dealer, who immediately provided a contact for assistance. After having the charger fixed, another power spike completely incapacitated the charger, necessitating the need for a replacement charger. The Anton/Bauer dealer came through again, providing a loaner to ensure that production would not be halted in any way.

“Anton/Bauer means reliability. From its dealers to customer service to the folks at the corporate office, Anton/Bauer comes through every time,” says McNeely. “The Anton/Bauer team helped us to overcome our challenges and put on a great production…in fact, we may even have enough footage for half a dozen new episodes based on the content we shot in Africa. If not for Anton/Bauer, this excursion would not have been nearly as successful.”

*All carry-on / checked baggage passenger rules should be verified with your specific carrier prior to travel. For more information on Li-Ion travel, refer to

About Buck McNeely-Outdoorsman International

Buck has been producing THE OUTDOORSMAN TV series for 27 years. It is the largest syndicated adventure series in the world. It airs on over 500 TV stations in the USA and is in International distribution also. Visit for more info.

About Anton/Bauer

Anton/Bauer is recognized as the world’s innovator and a premier provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other key mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries. Based in the United States in Shelton, CT with offices in Europe and Asia, Anton/Bauer was established in 1970 and has expanded its product offerings to include many signature lines such as its leading Gold Mount® system, InterActive® chargers and Logic Series® batteries such as the HyTRON® 50, 100 and 140, and DIONIC® 90, 160, HC and HCX. Their products are compatible with every camera brand on the market today. Other Anton/Bauer high performance products include the Ultralight® 2, ElipZ®, CINE VCLX and the Tandem 150 Modular Charging System. Their superior-quality products have become an industry standard. For more information on Anton/Bauer, visit

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Vitec Videocom brings together some of the most respected, most innovative and most sought-after brands in the industry: Anton/Bauer, Autoscript, Litepanels, OConnor, Petrol, Sachtler, Vinten and Vinten Radamec. It acts as an endorsing brand for these market-leading broadcast, film and pro video products, encouraging multi-brand system sales and simplifying the way that customers worldwide do business.

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