Auralex Offers Acoustical Expertise for Jeff Bell Voice Over Studio

Long-Time User Turns to Auralex to Outfit New Multi-Purpose Space

NASHVILLE, TN – Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, has been the acoustic choice for over 15 years for Jeff Bell, owner of and voice talent for Jeff Bell Voice Over, now located in downtown Nashville, TN. Bell, who provides commercial voice over for top brands such as Ford, SPIKE TV, MAVtv and many others, recently turned to Auralex once again to outfit his new studio.

In addition to recording and producing his voice over work there, Bell has expanded his new studio to include commercial audio production, music tracking and mixing. Built in 1887, the former warehouse had many acoustical obstacles, including exposed brick walls and an atrium with two large windows backing up to the main control room. Even though both the brick and the windows were acoustical hindrances, Bell wanted to retain the historic look of the brick and utilize the natural light the windows provided.

Bell’s new space features a control room, a live room and two ISO booths. He installed a number of SonoFlats™ in the control room around the mix position, along with several LENRD® Bass Traps and SonoColumn™ Bass Traps in the corners. The live room also features SonoFlats, LENRDs and SonoColumns, along with Studiofoam® Wedges. Bell also placed several 2″ and 4″ Auralex Studiofoam Wedges throughout the two ISO booths.

“We plugged in our issues to Auralex’s Personalized Room Analysis Form (PRAF) and the analysis was able to figure out where our issues were and how to treat them,” says Bell. “Plus, since I was doing the installation, working with the analysis and having someone else lay out a plan for me just made the whole process that much easier.”

Bell’s first experience with Auralex was in his original home studio in 1997 in Milwaukee, WI. He had a large room with plaster that had very hard surfaces and used Auralex Studiofoam to diffuse the noise and echoes. Bell, who did the installation himself, became an instant fan and actually took those first pieces of foam with him to his new studio.

“I started my voiceover career in that house, with Auralex,” says Bell. “I used Auralex Studiofoam there and had such a huge success with it. These products solve my problems easily and they work every time, are reliable and readily available. My plan all along was that I would immediately put Auralex products in this new studio.”

Auralex’s Studiofoam Wedges are designed to kill standing waves and flutter echoes where sonic accuracy is mandatory and stronger acoustic absorption is required. The LENRD Bass Traps control the low-frequency resonance bumps in rooms, which helps improve a sound that is otherwise often described as “boomy.” Auralex’s SonoColumns are also used to tame low-frequency anomalies. They are designed to be stacked on top of one another to create an 8′ fluted column anywhere on the wall. Or, they can be placed in the corners where bass build-up is most often present.

Jeff Bell Voice Over uses Mac Pro Tools, Cubase, IK Multimedia, Native Instruments and Melodyne, and is equipped with a variety of gear, including vintage API EQs and Compressors, API & Vintech Inputs, Manley VoxBox’s, Universal Audio LA-4’s, Lynx Aurora 16, EL8-X Distressors and Toft ATB-16. In addition, the studio has a vast collection of guitars, microphones, guitar amps and instruments.

About Auralex Acoustics, Inc.

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