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San Jose, California, November 13, 2007--While it may be true that “Time waits for no one,” Prime Image‘s Time Tailor makes it possible to “alter” time as it relates to HD and SD video in the television industry. A technology innovator for more than two decades, Prime Image leveraged its Emmy-winning video signal-processing expertise to develop Time Tailor as a unique family of products for reducing the run time of program content while maintaining the creative integrity of its picture and sound quality. A fully automated solution, Time Tailor uses Prime Image‘s patented micro-editing technology to automatically detect and remove redundant frames in a manner that is virtually undetectable. The system can create up to an eight percent reduction of time in a 20- to 30-minute program and continue to report black-hole presence during and following the reduction process.

“Prime Image did a great job with this system and it delivers as promised in terms of the final look,” states John McCarroll, VP of Performance Post, in Hollywood, and a user of Time Tailor Post. “Top-tier engineering staff from the networks have seen what we do with it, and their reaction is very favorable.”

An Automated Process

Comprising Prime Image‘s Time Tailor and the Fastrack TT system as a user interface, Time Tailor Post supports 1080/29.97 and 720p/59.94 high-definition video as well as 525i and 625i standard-definition video. The operator/editor begins the process by entering the desired reduction rate combined with all the necessary parameter information into Fastrack TT, including the source time code, record time code, locations for insertions or removal of black segments or show material, insertion of slate, bars and tone, and the amount of time to be removed.

Time Tailor‘s patented time-reduction process applies advanced algorithms to select and remove redundant frames until the desired run length is achieved during a single real-time pass of the source material. Time Tailor Post‘s Fastrack TT user interface fully automates the entire process while simultaneously controlling the source and record devices with the Time Tailor to frame-accurately start playback, processing, and recording of the time-reduction process. The operator/editor can also use Time Tailor Post‘s Fastrack TT graphical timeline user interface to program the system to time-reduce specific segments while leaving other segments unaltered, such as opening titles and theme music or full closing credits.

Another crucial feature of Time Tailor is that it totally preserves Closed Captioning text as well as any pre-formatted commercial black slugs. Other methods for reducing program run-time lose Closed-Captioning text and require it to be re-created, which increases time and expense in the edit room.

A New Mind-Set

“Once somebody goes through the experience of using Time Tailor they see that it‘s not ‘just another‘ piece of post-production gear but a key part of the process of delivering programming,” McCarroll notes. “They see what Time Tailor gives them, which is the opportunity to insert additional ads or promos. They realize that Time Tailor isn‘t simply an ‘option,‘ but a necessity.

"Our Time Tailor, used as an editorial tool by our staff online editors, has achieved an excellent approval rating through final look and network delivery specifications," McCarroll continues. “There‘s nothing else like it, and those vari-speed solutions simply don‘t measure up.”

McCarroll, who says a second Time Tailor is being considered for his company, expects the system to become a staple in post production and broadcast facilities in the future. He sees an increasing number of scenarios where broadcast and cable networks will require its benefits.

“Networks will often use a popular show to promote one of their other shows that isn‘t getting enough exposure,” he observes. “Imagine a situation where you can keep that first show that everybody loves completely intact, and then be able to go in and insert a promo at the last minute for another show without dismantling the first one. Time Tailor can do this, and you can rely on it not only for adding commercial and promo time, but for inserting custom messages in popular shows based on current events. Time Tailor is a piece of technology that really gives you a whole different mind-set on how you can present your shows and your network.”

About Prime Image, Inc.

Incorporated in 1985, Prime Image, Inc. is committed to developing new and innovative products for the broadcast television and video post-production industry. Founded by former owner Bill Hendershot, who was awarded a Technical Emmy as part of the team that developed the world's first digital time base corrector (the first fully digital video product), Prime Image is a technology innovator that stands behind its products with a three-year warranty. For more information visit us online at (where you can view a Time Tailor tutorial video) or call our San Jose CA headquarters at 408-867-6519.