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Fairlight Launches V2.0 Software

Fairlight has taken its CC-1 accelerated DREAM II platform to even greater heights with the release of its powerful Version 2 software.

Proving beyond doubt that Fairlight technology has now come of age, V2.0 delivers an unprecedented army of new features developed specifically for the professional user. Representing much more than just an upgrade, this new software is the culmination of months of intensive, customer-focused R&D effort. The result is a product so powerful that it far exceeds any other competitive platform on the market today.

Fairlight’s uniquely converged audio and video platform is able to provide workflow efficiencies that other systems can only dream about. All day, every day it will import, convert and export a diverse range of media file types, play and record video in real time up to uncompressed HD, cut and paste, copy and conform. It can even up-convert SD to HD, and insert watermarks on import or export. At the same time, Dream II plays and mixes a impressive 192 audio tracks in perfect sample sync, with up to 96 of them in record. There are no dropouts, no late starts, no phasing. It directly loads and plays MXF, OMF and AES-31 projects, captures and conforms from EDLs.

Never again will you need to hire or buy extra equipment to deal with heavy video projects. Dream II V2.0 does it all!

In today’s post world, deliverables are the byword. Format, content, versions, audio levels – they’re all specified to the ultimate degree in V2.0. Dream II delivers for you, with multiple simultaneous multi-format mixes, compression and limiting where you need them, and pinpoint monitoring that allows you to hear any source in any format through any of 16 speaker sets. We’ve taken mixing to the Nth degree so you can take your mixes as far as you want to go.

Fairlight has also applied its innovative thinking to leap frog the competition in offering up to 6 third-party plug-ins per channel – all this in addition to Dream II’s native channel processing: 4-band EQ, Hi and Lo pass filters, 3-stage dynamics (compressor + limiter + expander/gate) on every channel. Dream II supports the VST plug-in community of manufacturers, with literally thousands of programs available to perform every audio task imaginable. For control you have two simultaneous choices – you can work with the manufacturer’s mouse-driven graphical interface, and you can map parameters to real faders and knobs on Fairlight’s fader blocks or the Xynergi Pad controller. New Fleximap software makes assignment to surface controls quick and easy, with over two hundred popular plug-ins pre-mapped at the factory for instant control. Touch-write allows instant automation of plug-in parameters by mouse or surface controls, including graphical editing of automation curves. Complex plug-in configurations can be saved in the library for instant use on any channel in the future, and of course every parameter of every plug-in and native processing block is saved in the project, so you’ll start every day exactly where you left off.

Even before you substantiate a plug-in, Fairlight V2.0’s native EQ now comes in 4 flavours with an exciting range of creative sound options. The processing blocks (EQ, Dyn, Insert) can instantly be changed to any order for each channel to give you the precise control you need. Best of all, native processing is performed in 36-bit floating point resolution by our powerhouse FPGA engine (CC-1) so it’s zero-latency, and it’s always available – guaranteed – on every channel in the system.

Today’s challenges – surround sound, complex deliverables, faster turnaround, a plethora of file formats, and all this under extreme cost pressure – mean that production businesses must look to equip themselves with powerful, flexible and reliable systems. With Version 2.0, Fairlight has just made it even easier to achieve these goals.

DREAM II Version 2.0 will be shown at IBC Amsterdam (Sept 12th – 16th), AES San Francisco (Oct 2nd – 5th), SATIS Paris (Oct 23rd-26th) and Tonmeister Leipzig (Nov 13th – 16th).