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Mosart Medialab Products at the 2012 NAB Show

Mosart(R) Newscast Automation 3.0 includes a range of new features and functions, including a redesigned graphical interface with full user configurability, that further enhance the most versatile and powerful studio automation system on the market. Story elements such as cameras, clips, and graphics can easily be assigned to buttons for simple and quick access. A range of interface overviews also can be assigned to buttons, making the GUI a shot box for touch screens and adaptable for a range of TV productions. Story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the Mosart GUI, and Mosart operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool ready for execution on request.

New for 2012, Mosart 3.0 now also includes interfaces with Harris Nexio and Grass Valley K2 video servers, Calrec and Stagetec audio mixers, Casper, Xpression and Pixelpower graphics, Brainstorm Virtual Studio and Camerobot systems. The Mosart industry-leading open-systems compatibility is extended with new support for Annova's OpenMedia and Octopus in addition to ENPS, iNEWS, Dalet News, and NorCom. Mosart now supports eight manufacturers of audio mixers, five manufacturers of vision mixers, nine brands of video servers, nine graphics systems, and six camera robotics systems -- as well as simultaneous usage of gear from multiple camera robotic vendors.

This year Mosart launched a Virtual Audio Fader Panel which gives the director and production staff more control and a better overview of audio faders and levels, both those on air and those coming up next.

Content repurposing/reuse and MAM integration are enhanced with the Mosart delivery of news as-run information to continuity control systems such as Snell's Morpheus. Through the news as-run integration, continuity and MAM systems are now able to reuse individual stories or events from earlier recorded Mosart productions. Mosart can also be user-configured to query MAM systems for metadata information.

Mosart also features enhanced handling of macros, sequences, loops, and continue points. The Mosart sequences tool enables separate parallel rundowns that can be executed on a studio back wall. Macros and continue points simplify automation setup, allowing the director to program once and then proceed through multiple events or effects. Looping can now be applied to rundowns, segments, sequences, and clips.

Mosart Multi-Studio Solutions

New for 2012, Mosart(R) Multi-Studio Solutions is a fully featured Mosart newscast automation system designed for the multi-studio broadcaster, providing highly efficient, streamlined sharing of resources and coordination across several control rooms. Scarce resources such as video server ports and graphics engines can be shared for optimal use of infrastructure, and workflow for journalists and production staff is optimized through template sharing and an automated template database, making it possible to create templates that can be re-used in multiple control rooms. Mosart's system also integrates with studio management systems to provide the ultimate in efficiency and economy.

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Mosart(R) Multi-Studio Solutions

Quote: "For NAB 2012, we're introducing more enhancements, interfaces and features, together with Mosart's Multi-Studio Solutions, offering incredible efficiency for broadcasters operating several studios. Our customers tell us that Mosart's newscast automation system is the most versatile and powerful product of its kind, allowing broadcasters to create their own environment for live operation, while benefiting from built-in easy to use automation features." -- John Kjellevold, Mosart's managing director