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InfoComm Marks 15 Years of Network Connectivity for Lab X Technologies

ROCHESTER, New York – Leading IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) provider and design resource Lab X Technologies proudly celebrates 15 years of business with a strong presence at InfoComm 2011. Lab X has transformed from a one-person operation focused on embedded hardware, firmware and software engineering design firm to a 14-strong AV networking design resource team for some of the largest and most highly renowned technology manufacturers around the world.

As the ‘behind-the-scenes’ partner for the growing number of global AV engineering companies, Lab X’s Ethernet-based media connectivity provides a plug-in solution for manufacturers looking to save time, money and resources in the research and design phases by offering an OEM switch solution for media and data transport.

“We really embraced the potential of networked AV equipment at an early stage in the industry and have been able to capitalize on the need for AVB technology throughout multiple markets, expanding from our original plan,” states Lee Minich, president of Lab X Technologies. There is a great sense of pride among the Lab X team when we walk the tradeshow floor and see how many Ethernet jacks are branded ‘Lab X.”

Lab X became heavily involved in AVB technology in 2007 and has since committed substantial internal resources to the development of AVB platforms, which it started licensing in 2009. In September 2009 Minich began serving as Marketing Work Group Chair of the AVnu Alliance, an organization in which members are dedicated to promoting the benefits of AVB technology.

The release of Lab X’s Titanium 411 Ethernet AVB switch in February, 2011 addresses the many needs of the AV industry by providing ruggedized connectors, industry standard SFP- supporting long haul fiber, additional copper connections and flexible mounting options, capable of handling hundreds of AV media streams per AVB port.

“AV media technology is still an emerging market,” continued Minich. “We’ve been there since the beginning and are committed to providing a comprehensive range of solutions to our manufacturer clients. Lab X’s design services, coupled with an ever-increasing number of AVB platforms – including video and 10G Ethernet – will continue to fuel our growth and the growth of the industry as a whole.

“Lab X is blessed to have a growing number of long-standing, high-profile clients and repeat business as we grow our company,” Lee said, “With our growing team of exceptional, driven developers working to always provide the best service for our clients, we foresee a continuous rise of the level of success and longevity for Lab X. In the niche AV industry, everyone knows everyone and I’m proud to call my clients and peers friends. We thank everyone for their continued support and business, as we look forward to a bright, connected future!”

About Lab X Technologies

Founded in 1996, Lab X Technologies, LLC is a Rochester, New York-based engineering design firm recognized as a global leader in digital audio transport and network connectivity, with extensive experience in applying AVB (Audio Video Bridging), A-Net®, CobraNet, Dante™, EtherSound™, MADI and other audio networking standards.

Lab X partners with leading manufacturers to accelerate product development cycles and enable digital network interoperability by augmenting internal design teams, licensing IP platforms, providing pre-engineered connectivity modules, developing innovative product concepts and producing complete turnkey custom solutions. Please visit for more information.