Reshet Integrates Digital Workflows With DIVArchive and DIVAdirector

Digital Environment Streamlines Production for Israeli Broadcaster

ANNECY LE VIEUX, France -- July 3, 2007 -- Reshet, one of Israel‘s most successful broadcasters, has established an all-digital tapeless production environment with Front Porch Digital‘s DIVArchive and DIVAdirector providing a facilitywide content storage management (CSM) and transcoding solution. A joint concessionary operating Israel‘s most popular station, Channel 2, Reshet moved to a tapeless environment to increase efficiency and competitiveness in the country‘s high-pressure broadcasting industry.

Reshet‘s installation integrates both playout and production workflows with its digital storage capacity. Content is automatically ingested via DIVArchive and is available to Reshet‘s 10 Avid edit suites, with DIVAdirector providing editors with browse and restore functionality. From the edit suites, finished pieces are transferred to the archive ready for scheduling by the automation system and queuing on dual broadcast servers. Low-resolution copies are created automatically during ingest and accessed via ftp by Reshet‘s translation contractors to create additional versions in Russian and Arabic.

“This workflow eradicates the bottlenecks and simplifies production procedures,” said Daniel Rami, Reshet‘s vice president of engineering and technology. “By upgrading from the previous analog, tape-based environment with Front Porch‘s content storage management solutions, we now have a very powerful and streamlined way of dealing with content. Without the expense of tape and deliveries, it is also a far more cost-effective system.”

“Efficient content storage management is essential for broadcasters in today‘s competitive climate,” Front Porch Digital International Senior Vice President Rino Petricola said. “Reshet‘s DIVArchive-based production workflow puts content management in a pivotal role and gives the company a great platform for continued success in the fast-moving Israeli broadcast industry.”

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About Reshet

Reshet has operated and managed Israel‘s Channel 2 broadcasts since the channel was established in 1993. The company's new facilities, located in the Hi-Tech compound of Ramat Hachayal in Tel Aviv, include advanced studios, a world-class, sophisticated broadcast room, 10 Avid editing suites, and a school for the various television-industry professions.

About Front Porch Digital

Front Porch Digital is the global market leader in Content Storage Management (CSM) solutions. The company has long been an innovator in delivering unique software, services, and integrated hardware solutions for CSM to broadcasters and media companies worldwide. Today, Front Porch Digital‘s patented CSM technologies are found in more than 180 installations in more than 45 countries, representing 7.5 million hours of content and more than 50 PB of data under management distinguished for superior functionality, scalability, performance, and customer satisfaction. Front Porch Digital‘s award-winning DIVArchive technology manages the largest broadcast archives in operation for the world‘s best-known media brands. More information is available at

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