White Mark Helps Hogarth Worldwide Extend Its Production Facilities Around The Globe

Studio and acoustic design consultancy White Mark Ltd has completed two high specification audio production studios in Singapore for advertising implementation agency, Hogarth Worldwide. Both rooms have been built with locally sourced materials, making them the only White Mark rooms in the world that are constructed entirely of teak.

The two new studios are the latest in a long list of projects that White Mark has undertaken for Hogarth Worldwide.

“We employ White Mark to design all of our production facilities because they have a reputation for delivering exceptional results,” says Alex Buchanan, Technical Operations Director for Hogarth Worldwide. “White Mark has proved time and again that they are the best. We see White Mark as a partner in our global expansion programme and we greatly value their expertise and contributions on all our projects.”

Hogarth Worldwide, which is part of the WPP Group, implements international advertising campaigns in print, TV or digital media.

For Hogarth Singapore, White Mark has installed two 7.1 Dolby audio studios. The facility also has two Final Cut Pro edit suites and 36 open plan multifunction workstations.

The audio studios have fully isolated control room and voice recording booths and are equipped with Pro Tools HD Native, Avid ICON D-Command consoles and Exigy 7.1 surround sound systems installed by Matt Dobson. AKA Design was responsible for the desks in the control rooms and booths and both rooms were built by Oakwood and wired by WIRE: Broadcast.

White Mark has now started work on Hogarth Mexico City, which is due to open in March 2012. Two audio studios, identical in design to those in Singapore, are now being installed, along with two edit suites that are being built using White Mark’s new Fast Studio panel-based construction system.

Buchanan says. “The studios will mainly be used for broadcast audio recording and mixing, but there is also the possibility that they will be used for video as well.”

White Mark specialises in production facilities for music recording and the film and television industries. It has designed and supervised the construction of more than 170 audio production suites worldwide, including over 100 in London’s Soho alone.

White Mark’s Managing Director David Bell says: “Working with Hogarth Worldwide emphasises White Mark’s strength, which has long been to combine high quality studio facility performance with consistency. It is important to all clients to know that their facility ranks with the best in the world but to Hogarth it is especially important that, when walking into any of their rooms worldwide, the monitoring conditions and voice over quality are utterly compatible. Thus, even for the editing suites, the Fast Studio system was chosen so that the achieved working environment is compatible USA with London, Singapore with Mexico and in all other locations in between. It is great to be asked to produce such a suite of facilities and for our approach to be recognised so globally.”


About White Mark:

Established in 1997 by David Bell, John Dunnill, Derek Buckingham and Alan Cundell, White Mark Ltd specialises in production facilities for music recording and the film and television industries. Over the last decade it has designed and supervised the construction of over 170 audio production suites worldwide. The company’s impressive client list encompasses some of the world’s most famous music recording facilities including Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in the UK, Hit Factory in New York (for which the company won a coveted TEC Award for Best Acoustic Design), Hit Factory/Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, Strongroom in London and private studios for producers and musicians such as William Orbit and Damon Albarn. In the area of audio post production, White Mark has completed over 100 studios for more than 40 companies in Soho alone. The list includes Grand Central, Hackenbacker, Envy, Scramble, Lipsync, Molinare, Ascent Media, Wave and Boom. This impressive achievement means that a significant proportion of mainstream British television output passes through rooms designed by White Mark. www.whitemark.com