Solid State Logic C100 HDS Digital Broadcast Console Creates Positive Impact Worldwide

SSL Flagship Digital Console Favored by Wide Range of Facilities

LAS VEGAS – The Solid State Logic C100 HDS continues to impact the high-end of the broadcast and production studio spectrum with continued sales into commercial broadcast and educational facilities around the world. Heading into V4 Software at the 2011 NAB Show (Booth C3310), the feature-rich C100 HDS delivers ultra-reliable operation, ease of use, quality sound and compatibility with SSL’s Integration I/O range of cost-effective, MADI-based distribution and format conversion products. The C100 HDS is scalable and offers full DSP on all channels for standard configurations, giving the educator and broadcaster options for future expansion.

“The C100 HDS continues to lead the industry by offering a wide range of innovative features and I/O connection options designed to fulfill any operational need,” says Piers Plaskitt, CEO of SSL, Inc. “The C100 HDS is the preeminent console of choice for installations demanding the highest sound quality, combined with a proven and long-standing industry track record across all installations and applications.”

Recent Installations of the C100 Include:

Portland Trail Blazers, Portland, OR, U.S.:

The Portland Trail Blazers basketball organization has upgraded its primary broadcast control room with a 32-fader, 96-channel SSL C100 with Alpha-Link Live I/O and Alpha-Link 8-RMP units. The High Post Studio complex is used to produce pre- and post-game programs as well as handle both location and remote audio for the games. The C100 provides a platform that is easy to use, offers innovative features to streamline the production process and the powerful Blackrock processor core for expansion and longevity.

Videotime, Cologno Monzese, Italy:

Videotime, the production arm of the Mediaset Group that operates three commercial television networks in Italy, recently upgraded Studio 11 with SSL’s C100 and C10 HD Digital Broadcast Consoles. The consoles were installed as part of the facility’s move into all HD production. The facility produces national and local entertainment, news and sports programs; with the SSL consoles primarily focused on live-to-air entertainment shows. Videotime operates Mediaset’s studios and equipment and provides the specialized technical personnel for live broadcast, news, variety and game shows. Mediaset Group is the first commercial broadcaster in Italy and one of the major media companies at the European level. Videotime makes use of the most advanced technology available including digital technologies that guarantee the highest level of quality and ease of use for Mediaset. The C100 and C10 consoles are right in line with this mission.

Radio France, Paris, France:

Radio France, the French national broadcasting company, and the primary producer of radio programming for France, has recently upgraded its Studio 108 with a 24+8-fader SSL C100. Radio France has over 60 studios in its main building in Paris dedicated to different types of program production. The C100 in Studio 108 is used for talking head and interview/magazine type programming as well as small live music performances. The console represents the ninth C100 in operation at Radio France facilities.

Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland:

The Aalto University School of Art and Design, an international school specializing in design, audio-visual communication, art education and fine art, recently chose a SSL C100 as the centerpiece of its television studio in the Media Centre Lume. The Aalto University School of Art and Design offers doctorate, master and bachelor degrees to its over 1,900 student body, with open-university teaching and professional training courses. The C100 is used by the film and TV departments, as well as other polytechnic schools that use studio facilities. The C100 is supported by SSL’s Alpha-Link Live, Alpha-Link 8-RMP and Delta-Link units.

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