OmniBus Systems 2009 NAB Show Preview

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Company Overview:

OmniBus Systems, the award-winning provider of comprehensive broadcast automation, content management and workflow solutions, will be showing the latest version of iTX, the ground-breaking production and transmission solution at NAB 2009. New features and capabilities further strengthen OmniBus’ product offerings for broadcasters, whether operating in conventional hardware-based environments, transitioning to an IT-based model, or creating entirely new facilities based on the most advanced technology available.

On Display at the 2009 NAB Show:

OmniBus iTX HD Production and Transmission System — OmniBus iTX is the next-generation solution that delivers a superior return on investment compared with conventional broadcast automation, master control and playout systems. Combining and exceeding all the functions of a conventional transmission chain in a single, integrated suite of software applications, iTX also includes a comprehensive range of advanced media asset management features.

This enterprise-class solution delivers all the sophisticated management capabilities of high-end automation systems including support for a wide variety of traffic systems and management systems such as HP OpenView and Microsoft® MOMs. The system offers a significantly more configurable and responsive end-to-end solution for a wide array of operating environments — ranging from mobile to IPTV and from centralized multi-channel operations through to single-channel stations. Building upon its extensive SD capabilities, iTX now delivers 1080p24 and built-in Dolby® 5.1 decoding and encoding, expediting the launch of new HD channels.

OmniBus iTX NEWS — Developed in consultation with some of the major names in news broadcasting, iTX NEWS provides an extremely speedy, flexible and responsive solution for today’s rapidly evolving multi-format news environment. iTX NEWS has outstanding multi-format capabilities, allowing users to ingest and edit together SD and HD sources easily and combine them in the same playlist with non-broadcast material, such as security footage and user-generated content, with real-time format conversion and rendering of effects. The iTX architecture streamlines the output of multiple versions of the same playlist for SD, HD, Internet streaming, mobile TV and other platforms, with automatic transcoding and distribution of content.

OmniBus iTX Business Continuity Planning (BCP) — iTX BCP is a specially configured variation of iTX designed for business continuity (disaster recovery) applications that includes media replication, fully redundant mirroring and remote operation after evacuation.

This lightweight solution sources content automatically from existing video servers, transferring content as required to a remote location, where an iTX playback engine interprets the transmission schedules to provide a parallel service. It includes an automatic service for the insertion of evergreen content to fill schedule gaps for which content is not available, such as during live events. The service intelligently selects a piece of standby content based on the duration required and business rules defined for that channel.

iTX On-Demand™ — iTX On-Demand is a new version of iTX that greatly simplifies the process of creating VOD material by allowing broadcasters to transmit conventional channels and save VOD-ready content from the same iTX workflow and hardware, without having to re-ingest or reformat material explicitly for VOD use.

iTX On-Demand can be used to create everything from low-resolution files for Web download or mobile phones to HD MPEG4 files with Dolby® surround sound for broadband IPTV applications. The flexibility of the IT-based platform, combined with the unique iTX software video/audio processor, allows the full set of features designed for crafted OTA transmission to be used in the creation of on-demand content file packages.

iTX GFX™ — iTX GFX combines the ease of use of iTX with the proven power of the rtSoftware tOG rendering engine to deliver high-quality 2-D graphics, sophisticated 3-D graphics and real-time DVE effects. Running on an enhanced hardware platform, iTX GFX provides the most compelling real-time graphics effects and delivers full-featured CG capability combined with the ability to handle live video and DVE moves that can be previewed on the iTX desktop. Because the graphics are resolution-independent, the same graphic can play out in SD, HD or on Web streams without having to be recreated.