France's NRJ Group Consolidates SD/HD Ingest and Playout with Omneon Infrastructure

Omneon Platform Simplifies Multiformat Broadcasting, Reducing Costs While Providing Foundation for Further Growth

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Nov. 22, 2010 -- Harmonic Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT) today announced that the NRJ Group has completed installation of an Omneon video server infrastructure supporting file-based SD/HD broadcast operations, from ingest through playout, at the media group's Paris facilities. Supplied by systems integrator Société Française de Production (SFP), Omneon Spectrum(TM) and MediaDeck(TM) server systems were installed progressively to create a centralized infrastructure for consolidated ingest and playout of broadcast channels NRJ Paris, NRJ Hits, and NRJ 12.

"The Omneon Spectrum and MediaDeck media servers are the best fit for our requirements, in terms of both architecture and performance," said Cedric Drapeau, technical director at NRJ Group. "In addition to providing well-established reliability, complemented by responsive and professional local support, Omneon server systems remain the most cost-effective and flexible platforms in the industry. They have allowed the NRJ Group to repatriate two channels hosted externally, optimize its infrastructure, and lower its operational costs while building a foundation for further growth."

The Omneon-based centralized infrastructure created by the NRJ Group supports operations for three SD channels and the newly launched NRJ 12 in HD, and it also provides an easily extensible platform for future playout of NRJ Hits in HD. Two MediaDeck systems support SD/HD ingest and QC (quality control) prior to playout. Content is transferred to a nearline storage server and then transmitted to the appropriate Omneon Spectrum system for playout. One Omneon Spectrum system supports HD ingest and provides main and backup playout of NRJ 12 in SD and HD, and a second provides main and backup playout for NRJ Hits and NRJ Paris in SD. The versatility of the Omneon systems allows the NRJ Group to manage ingest, file-quality verification, and main and backup playout on a single platform, thus reducing both the cost and complexity of the group's multiformat broadcast operations.

"The NRJ Group is a longtime leader in French media, and is now also a leading creative multimedia group that is continuously expanding its content production and services to satisfy an expanding audience," said Geoff Stedman, Vice President for Omneon and Corporate Marketing at Harmonic. "As the group brings its television broadcast content into the HD realm, its Omneon video file infrastructure offers the dependable performance and scalability critical to ongoing growth."

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NRJ Group is a leading radio broadcaster in France, with operations in a further 12 countries. The group acts as a content editor, producer, and broadcaster while marketing advertising within its own media spaces. The company capitalizes on the strength of its radio media and brands, as well as its marketing expertise and commercial strength, to deploy new media services such as television (NRJ Paris, NRJ Hits, NRJ 12), Internet, and mobile telephony, and to anticipate changes in consumption trends and offer complete solutions to its customers. More information is available at

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Omneon, now part of Harmonic, provides an integrated, end-to-end file-based infrastructure that optimizes workflow for the production, distribution, and management of digital media. Omneon video server and video-optimized storage platforms are architected to deliver the high reliability, flexibility, and scalability required for on-air channel playout and efficient content production. More information is available at

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