— M3 shows its gratitude to Waves Audio for their long-time product and technical support —

M3 (Music Mix Mobile), a New Jersey/California based remote facilities company combining the talents of award-winning production professionals and state-of-the-art audio solutions, has recently presented manufacturer partner Waves Audio with two EMMY® certificates for their long-time support, and to acknowledge their contributions in helping M3 garner two EMMY’s for their work on the 52nd Annual GRAMMY® Awards and 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert. The announcement comes on the heels of Waves, a leading provider of digital signal processing solutions, being informed that it will be presented with a prestigious Technical GRAMMY® Award during the GRAMMY Week celebration in February 2011.

“Since the very beginning, Waves has been a long-time supporter of our company,” stated Joel Singer, M3 Chief Engineer. “We wanted to ‘give something back’ and acknowledge their support of M3, so when we were presented with our two EMMY Awards by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, we asked to have duplicate certificates made and then presented them to Waves. It’s our way of showing that Waves is truly part of our team. We’re a music company, and the bottom line is that everything has to sound great. The things that we depend on the most are Waves EQs, Compressors and Dynamics. We use a lot of the Solid State Logic bundle [SSL 4000 Collection], the V-Series, the API bundle [The API Collection], a ton of their dynamics processors and lately the C6 Multiband Compressor. There is not a show where we don’t use Waves and they are an essential part of the foundation of our recording/mixing systems.”

As part of M3’s newly-expanded operations featuring its philosophy of creating high-track count music/television broadcast audio mobile recording facilities, M3 recently commissioned a new mid-sized truck, Voyager, which joins M3’s East Coast-based Eclipse and West Coast-based Horizon mobile recording trucks. Voyager features a Digidesign D-Command work surface, Mac® computers, Avid DSP, Avid MADI I/O’s, a Genelec 8200 Series Active DSP Monitoring System, and of course, a full complement of classic and new Waves signal processing. “When we were designing Voyager, we wanted to have continuity and consistency among all our mobile recording trucks and be able to give our clients world-class recording/mixing capabilities in a smaller format. As part of those design considerations, there was no doubt that Waves processing would be onboard,” noted Singer.

Early on, M3 recognized the capabilities of Waves signal processing. “I’ve been using Waves since 1997 when they came out with their first bundles for Pro Tools,” stated Singer. “Years later, when we began M3, we turned to the Mercury bundle, as my partners and I realized that this is what we needed as a company. With Mercury, we had the capability to remix in the trucks for broadcast, remix in the studio for DVD and all throughout the process, realized the flexibility you now had with because of the non-latency issues. In broadcast, the audio cannot be out of frame sync and with Waves, we now had the processing solution.”

M3 uses a wide range of Waves processing like the CLA-76 Compressor Limiter on bass, guitars and vocals, the Renaissance Vox on vocals, the Renaissance Axx on acoustic guitars and the new W43. “I’m using the W43 to do single-ended noise reduction to remove live content on lavalieres and its working great,” stated Singer. “Additionally, I’ve just started to experiment with the PIE Compressor, and the H-Delay has become somewhat of a standard for us.”

In a challenging economic environment, M3 continues to remain on the cutting edge, having recently expanded their operations and working a host of projects, including the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert “Rally to Restore Sanity”; the Latin GRAMMY® Awards; Country Music Awards (CMA’s); Paul McCartney at the Apollo Theater for Sirius XM Radio; the Z100 Jingle Ball for Fuse Network featuring artists Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias, Michael Buble, Paramore and Katy Perry; and the VH-1’s Divas 2010 at Miramar in San Diego. Upcoming shows include a Rascal Flatts broadcast / DVD in Minnesota and the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards. “We are extremely fortunate to have the clientele we have, and I base that on our team and our true manufacturer partners that help us do what we do – and Waves is so much part of our team.”

“That an industry leader like M3 relies on Waves for its audio processing needs is an honor in and of itself,” commented Mick Olesh, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, Waves Audio. “The EMMY certificates are simply icing on the cake.”

For more information, please visit www.waves.com.